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Video Tutorials for Programming

Recently came across a decent site which contains some good video tutorials.

Showmedo logo

ShowMeDo is about learning Free and Open Source by watching it get done, the programming languages which build it, the tools that make those languages more productive and fun to use, and of course the software and applications that mark its achievements. We aim to provide a free, clean, ad-free environment wherein members of the Open Source community can show the cool stuff going on.

We’re here to help address the need for good documentation and tutorials, the lack of which, we believe, prevents some great software from gaining the popularity it deserves. If you want to contribute, just join-up and submit a video. It’s a great way to give something back. Read more in the FAQ.

I was going through their Introduction to Shell Series, which is very lucid and will definitely help a beginner.

I am yet to go through their programming tutorials. Any of the visitors here, has visited the site or will be visiting the site and found it useful do share your experience here.