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Hiding Files in Jpeg Images

In the recently concluded Cryptex (the Hacking Contest at Technozion), in its online avatar posed a question based on this concept..

The concept was explored before itself and been referred to as the Poor Man’s Steganography.

Still no clue what I am talking about..

Try to find out the hidden message in this pic..

Try to hack this pic

Spoiler Alert :

try forcefully extracting the image.

How do we do this..

Its simple.

Step 1 : Get a pic of your choice, say “abc.jpg“.

Step 2 : Open Notepad. Type in your secret message. Name it as some “secret.txt“.

Step 3: Rar the text file. Now you get some “secret.rar“. Put this rar file in the same folder as your image.

Step 4 : Now the trick comes.

Goto Run, and type in cmd.

The Command Prompt comes up.

Navigate to the folder where your image and rar file is located..

Now type in :

copy /b abc.jpg + secret.rar hackthisimage.jpg

The format is copy /b sourceimage + rarfile destinationimage

Step 5 : Now what you obtain is a new image named as hackthisimage.jpg in the same folder.

Extract this image using Winrar to get your secret message!!.

The credit goes to HV

Check out the video tutorial if you are still confused..

Video Tutorial

But remember this is never a good way of encrypting your stuff. Get a good software for that.

Happy hacking!!.