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I am a Voter!

As a responsible citizen of this country, I filled in my voter’s card application today..

A few thoughts on what it means to be a voter and having your say in selecting the future leaders of this country..

The basic question.. Am I really going to vote? ..

Maybe..don’t know for sure..

The present political situation in Kerala is predictable as ever. No party could ever retain their rule. The ball bounces back and forth between the UDF and LDF. For a young generation voter like me what does this really mean. Probably I would take a day off and rest my limbs on the voting day rather than stand in the queue and make that valuable vote.

The political happenings in Kerala would always make a great movie script..probably it could go on to become a blockbuster..There is enough amount of violence, comedy, conspiracy, tragedy, heated dialogues and as always, some unexpected twists and turns to make the viewer keep glued to his/her seat..

So the basic question still remains unanswered..

How many of us have faith in any party?

When will this corruption and nepotism end?

We shall hope for a better Kerala, rather now a ‘Smart Kerala ‘.

Update :  Finally I got to see my voter’s card.

My father’s name is misspelled. Address is typed in a weird fashion.

Kudos to the guys who made it..