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Spring Spree 2008 at NIT Warangal

Calling all lovers of the art of celebration of life…

This festival promises to rock you off your feet..

check out the Website..

Spring Spree WebsiteΒ 


Technozion 2008 at NIT Warangal

The annual Technical fest of NIT Warangal, Technozion has been one of the best technical fests conducted in Southern India.The 2008 Technozion fest will be conducted on 25-27th Jan.Hope to see you all there…

Visit the Technozion 2008 website for further details…

check out the Technozion Promo Flyer [Unofficial]

Update : Dr APJ Abdul Kalam will be the Guest of Honor and will be delivering a guest lecture on January 26th.

Update 2: The pics have been uploaded on Flickr.

Happy Onam to all

Ellavarkum ente hridayam niranja onashamsakal…


Well, yesterday was it…

The photos got uploaded today…

Onam at NIT Warangal πŸ™‚

Check it out :

NIT Warangal in Top Ten Tech Colleges in India

NIT Warangal again in the elite club, second only to IITs.

Describing the National Institute of Technology (formerly, Regional Engineering College) Warangal, being in the top 10, the study said that for the “first time, a second-rung school broke into the Top 10 list”. It was at number eight, up four notches from last year.

Read the full article at…

Times of India Article on NIT Warangal

Update : they removed the link

Here is the low res screenshot I captured from the snap.

Read the last line.

Low Res Screenshot of the page

Update : India Today review puts us at 11th pos

(I have doubts about the authenticity of the rating because VIT and Anna University are ahead of all NITs)

NIT Warangal on the 11th positon

Update : Indian Express Ranks NIT Warangal at 8.

Click Here for the Link

Update 2 : Do not post your Gate Scores here, as this blog does not associate itself with Gate Admissions

Life at NIT Warangal

This video was made during Technozion 07 (the Annual Technical Festival of

NIT Warangal)

Though this was made as a promotional video for the fest it is a good video about the college,its facilities,academics and life.

So enjoy this video

(Kudos to Abel Joseph,Thomas Kappen and Tony Sebastian for the wonderful work)

NIT Warangal for the Aspirant

NIT Warangal for the Aspirant : A collection of valuable information about the prestigious institution National Institute of Technology,Warangal (NIT Warangal)for the future NITians as well as for anyone who would like to know more about this college

Sadly there is no authoratative guide on the net regarding this issue.

So I thought about writing this one…

NIT Warangal has always been on the list of the best technical education institutes

in India.Facilities are at par with the best in the country and the highly experienced faculty adds to the strong academic curriculum.

Admission process for NIT Warangal is through the AIEEE examination and there is state wise quota.

There is a separate admission process for Foreign Students (DASA Scheme).

Popular FAQ:

1. The first question that comes to the mind is where is Warangal?

Ans: Warangal is one of the best cities in Andhra Pradesh,just 2 hours from Hyderabad.Reaching Warangal is just child’s play.Warangal is well connected by both road and rail.

All the trains on the Delhi Route stop by Warangal.Alternatively you can reach ‘Kazipet’ as the college is nearer to it.(But guys from Kerala , remember no direct train stops at Kazipet.Catch the Kerala Exp or an alternate train.)

2. I reached Warangal,where is the college(NIT Warnagal)?

Ans: From the Warangal station it is just half an hour on the Autorickshaw (autos are the popular means of commutation not buses.)It will cost you around 40-50 bucks (depending upon your negotiation skill) and if you are travelling alone you can have a ‘share auto’ (autos look the same,but say direct for direct auto) for Rs 8-10.

3.Ok, now I reached the college,where is the counselling centre?

Ans: You will be guided to the centre by the volunteers at the gate,Don’t panic.We will be there to guide you.

The counselling should go fine and you can give your options and see around the college.

The Central Library is sure to stun you (one of the best technical libraries in the country) and the new administrative block is going to be an architectural wonder.(Hope that the construction is complete.)

4. Oh my god this place is infested with naxalites!!!

Never.This has been the question put forward by most of the parents with whom I interacted…

They were a thing of the past,you can safely send your ward over…

5. Which bank operates closest to NITW?

State Bank of Hyderabad has a college branch and an ATM. Most of us use the SBH and many have an account also.

Let me share a cool hack.Instead of opening an account you could give your son/daughter the ATM card of the account at home (All State Bank cards are taken,along with some other banks) saving you the trouble of going through the process of actually creating one.

Other than SBH, we have Andhra Bank,ICICI at Hanamkonda (10 minutes from the college by auto).

Any questions and queries head over to the following websites:

NIT Warangal Official Website

NIT Warangal on Wikipedia

NIT Warangal Aspirants Community in Orkut

Any personal queries may be posted as a comment on this site with your mail id.

Thats all for now…


Ajay George Palakuzhy

Read Comment 328 and 353 before posting.

I am sorry to say this, but support is being discontinued for this thread, since I am on job-training and won’t have time to cater to individual queries. I strongly suggest you to head over to the Orkut Community, mentioned above to get answers for your doubts. All the very best to all the Aspirants.

Technozion 07

Well the battle for glory has begun…

Technozion 07… check out the site guys…

meanwhile i dzined the skeleton of a core t-shirt…

chk it out

Img Link

the theme used was metal music and is inspired by Metallica