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New Theme !!

Finally the blog gets a make over.
I had to get bruised and cut in a match for this 🙂 . But as they say everything happens for the good.
Enjoy the new look and feel and do post your comments (bad/good)

Goa in CinemaScope

Went to Goa, on the last long weekend. Even though rain played spoilsport initially, the trip was a memorable one. Here is the shot of me at the Vagator fort (where DCH was shot)

Applied a truck load of PS, inspired from here .

Comments are welcome 🙂

The Gangsta Look

Tried my hand at PS after a long time.
Here is the outcome :

The Gangsta Look

Inspired from


The latest venture from a team of highly talented and near professional student group is creating waves in the web world.. .

Welcome to Opdyne.

The site though in a beta mode,has a tech blog,dzine showroom and a short write up on the dynes themselves…(a tech forum is expected to come up soon..).Hope u will enjoy the awesome PS design and the talent that has gone into it…

Technozion 07

Well the battle for glory has begun…

Technozion 07… check out the site guys…

meanwhile i dzined the skeleton of a core t-shirt…

chk it out

Img Link

the theme used was metal music and is inspired by Metallica