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This is my first post related to Bangalore, the city where I currently reside and I am planning to run a series of stuff I like, dislike ,upcoming events and whatever random stuff that comes to my mind about this city.

To start with I would like to introduce a theatre group by the name of Miracle Entertainment.

The Bangalore based Miracle Entertainment theatre group is staging a play called “The Doctor Despite Himself” on the 3rd and 4th April at Alliance Francaise at Bangalore. The group was formed in November 2007 and has performers from all walks of life, to give it a special aroma.

About the Play from their official site :

The Doctor Despite Himself

Summary: Not every Frenchman could poke fun at his king and get away with it. But then, not all Frenchmen were Moliere. One of the greatest comedy playwrights ever, Moliere didn’t manage to get away with poking fun at almost everything that deserved to made fun of, but he actually got away with standing ovations. His most famous work, The Doctor Despite Himself is a striking parody of the world of doctors and physicians. The protagonist, a simple woodcutter, finds himself in the position of having to pretend to be a doctor and manages to pull it off quite beautifully, even with all the quirky incidents that befall him. An absolute must-watch!

The group’s previous plays include Death by Woody Allen, Comically Incorrect by Anton Chekhov, God by Woody Allen, and Seduction by Niel Simon.

If I get some time on my plate, I am gonna definitely check it out.

Book Tickets for the show :

Official Site :

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