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Burn After Reading

Sat Night: Absolutely no job..

Some one suggests, how about a movie ?.

Yeah! we are on..

Basically 4 choices..

1. Righteous Kill (dropped for the not-so great reviews, though I personally wanted to see the legends share the screen).

2. Burn After Reading (Coen brothers!)

3. Lake View Terrace (somebody doesn’t like Samuel L Jackson).

4. Tropic Thunder (a bit old now)

So after the usual deliberations and rounds of discussions, a semi consensus was formed.

Since it is a Burn after Reading article, no prizes for guessing.

As the tag-line goes “Intelligence is relative”, the movie revolves around .. No spoilers sorry..

Watch the movie if you are a Coen Brothers fan.

Else there is every chance you are gonna end up crying “What an arbit movie?”.

Though Fargo did not impress me, No Country was a revelation..

So I could identify with their style of film making. Go for it if you have a taste for dark humour and wanna catch Brad Pitt pulling off some awesome expressions, as well as Clooney and Malkovich coming up with some good performances..But my vote goes to Frances McDormand for her potrayal of the gym instructor who badly needs money for her cosmetic operations, since she is ‘ a people person’ .

At one level, it makes us think of our basic human folly : We need something badly and the kind of things we are ready to do to achieve it. Its not that we willfully pursue those actions, but at one point we feel it is the right decision even if it compromises the rules of honesty and integrity.

This was the second movie I watched on the big screen in US after the epic Dark Knight on Imax.

Going by the box office results, this movie is on the top of the list, therefore must have easily covered the production cost.

I am forced to add this : The views represented here are those of the author and is not anyway related to a public review. If it changes your view on this movie, the author shall not be held responsible.

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