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Well ,its been some time since I posted. I was busy with my end semester exams and project work.

Now that I am free for some time, expect some posts in this month.

To kick off, let me introduce a new singer, Kadhalviruz.

This young man is 23 years old and is living in Germany.(near Duisburg)He acts as a singer, rapper, Dj, song writer and music producer/composer.He started his work as a DJ 2001 and his breathtaking voice as a singer could be heard since 2003 and as a music producer/composer since 2007.Besides this he can also count proudly the work with the princeten music group.At the moment you can adore his assignment with Princeten (Prince Digital U.K), DarkX, BlackAir (LatinStlye&DurrdyD), Brownsouljha(Germany) at new forthcoming albums, netreleases, etc.

from the Myspace profile page

Enough of blah blah, go ahead download these two songs …

En Muchin Swasathin En Muchin Swasathin

Without You (En Uyir Kadhale…) Without You (En Uyir Kadhale…)

Comments on: "Kadhalviruz" (4)

  1. Mooched off the songs. πŸ™‚ Neat ones! Wasn’t there someone called Suresh Peters long back? Dunno why this made me think of him.

  2. nice find huh? πŸ™‚
    Ya Suresh Peters is still there..
    He is the one who sang Style from Sivaji..

  3. hey ajay..!!!
    i need a help..!!! i came to know abt tis kadhalviruz album and too gud to listen. i like to download that. but i cant. can u help me to find a link to download. its sickening coz i hav tried but some problem in downlodaing.
    can u help me…??

  4. check the updated post..
    new links posted..

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