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I am a Voter!

As a responsible citizen of this country, I filled in my voter’s card application today..

A few thoughts on what it means to be a voter and having your say in selecting the future leaders of this country..

The basic question.. Am I really going to vote? ..

Maybe..don’t know for sure..

The present political situation in Kerala is predictable as ever. No party could ever retain their rule. The ball bounces back and forth between the UDF and LDF. For a young generation voter like me what does this really mean. Probably I would take a day off and rest my limbs on the voting day rather than stand in the queue and make that valuable vote.

The political happenings in Kerala would always make a great movie script..probably it could go on to become a blockbuster..There is enough amount of violence, comedy, conspiracy, tragedy, heated dialogues and as always, some unexpected twists and turns to make the viewer keep glued to his/her seat..

So the basic question still remains unanswered..

How many of us have faith in any party?

When will this corruption and nepotism end?

We shall hope for a better Kerala, rather now a ‘Smart Kerala ‘.

Update :Β  Finally I got to see my voter’s card.

My father’s name is misspelled. Address is typed in a weird fashion.

Kudos to the guys who made it..

Comments on: "I am a Voter!" (5)

  1. Those who wish to bring about change in a particular direction (say, less corruption, less violence, etc.) should not merely vote but also work with others in the public sphere. The ‘vote’ is powerful to the extent that it is backed by other political activities. Sitting at home instead of stepping out to vote is to be a part of the drift. The farther you are away from the heat and tumble of politics, the less are the chances of a better Kerala.

  2. That was a honest remark..
    But the question here is does the current generation really believe in the electoral process?..
    If so, then to what extent..

  3. hey, how do i register? and do u vote for the Left, cpi??

    PS: how did u find the pre spree design? black or white?

  4. Right now, going out to vote isnt a big deal. Frankly i dont have any party in mind. Ppl vote for a party when they find its direction, ideas etc in tune with theirs…i want india to progress sustainably and peacefully…and no party wants that. I was non-political until the left opened their mouth. then i was a center-right until those guys started yapping.
    so, in effect, i have no one in my if ever i go out to vote. and as far as the bringin-on-a-change is concerned, the india development story is largely attributed to the indian entrepreneur, the self made millionaire. unlike the chinese, where government policies lead to its development.
    I’m not comparing the two, but highlighting the fact that the government, any government, can make a change if it wants to..(manmohan’s openeong up of india in the early 90’s)
    the politics in this country is merely a battle to stay in power.
    i was never a leftist, in fact i’m no where close to that. and i feel that wen the world is trying to come out of a communist mind set, these guys will take us back to the stone age!!

  5. @ anand..

    ” hey, how do i register? ”
    I didn’t get you..
    Register for what..the process?
    You can contact the Taluk Office or Village Office for obtaining the form..

    I haven’t voted.. I am given the eligibility to vote..

    for the second post..(never repost πŸ™‚ )
    I guess you fully agree with my view..
    But I don’t owe allegiance to any particular party…

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