The Cult AGP

An year of blogging…

Finally it has come..

So many ups and downs.. finally the blog has hit the 1st Anniversary Mark..

My sincere thanks to all the esteemed visitors of this blog for making this blog a huge success..

Some Vital Stats..

  • 1st post : Nov 10 2006
  • Highest number of Hits in a day : 242
  • Got recognition as one of the fastest growing blogs at WordPress.
  • Over 8000 unique visitors..
  • A Page Rank of 4..

Touched the lives of thousands and more..

Expect nothing less than the best from this blog..

Keep visiting ..

Signing off..

Ajay George Palakuzhy.

Comments on: "An year of blogging…" (1)

  1. anand rajagopalan said:

    oye…nice blog!

    and yeah…can u give me your contact number in kerala…need to bug you some more for spree ;)…thanks!

    give me a cell or land line…either will do.

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