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The annual Technical fest of NIT Warangal, Technozion has been one of the best technical fests conducted in Southern India.The 2008 Technozion fest will be conducted on 25-27th Jan.Hope to see you all there…

Visit the Technozion 2008 website for further details…

check out the Technozion Promo Flyer [Unofficial]

Update : Dr APJ Abdul Kalam will be the Guest of Honor and will be delivering a guest lecture on January 26th.

Update 2: The pics have been uploaded on Flickr.

Comments on: "Technozion 2008 at NIT Warangal" (52)

  1. Hey!
    Me REC 2002 EEE Mallu.
    Nice you find you here.
    How are things going in Warangal?

    Hows Sydulu sir?


  2. great to see you here…
    things goin just fine..
    Dr. DM Vinod Kumar is the new HOD..
    and Sydulu Sir is doing just great..

  3. hey……

    ur technozion website isnt openin,… isnt workin…….check dis out plz……..

  4. Don’t worry the site has some server problem..will be up and running within a couple of days..

  5. the technozion website is not openin…since da last few days…….
    please inform the concerned person to jus verify the problem….
    the website is the only powerful way of advertising about the event….

  6. Vara prasad said:

    Your technozion website not opening..plz check it out

  7. ur technozion website is not opening when the last date for pp

  8. mathewcoommen said:

    Hello Ajay ,
    I am Mathew.C.Oommen .Studying in Vasavi college of Engineering Hyderabad,Their is a problem with the site i guess..please let me know the dates and schedule or the site where i could find it I am doing my Civil engg here .So would like to take part in this fest organized by the prestigious institution.So please let me know asap
    My email id is

  9. hay urs ,isn’t opening,plse me the details if possible

  10. The site is working fine guys..
    No problem whatsoever…
    Please Register and participate in the upcoming Online Events..

  11. jithender said:

    hello.this web site is not opening……
    please let me know something about the programmes of technozion 08.wen’ll the web site work?

  12. sir ur website nt opening so plz kindly solve dis problem

  13. hey your site is not opening from here .
    check it may be server routing problem.Do you have some firewall N/W. It seems tht it is not accessible from outside of your N/W

  14. very good my friend i have studying 2/4 e.e.e in s.r.k.r.engg .college

  15. hello ajay sir..i m from CBIT..studyin 2/4 mechanical..i want to participate in technozion in robotics event..but due to some improper communication i could not register in that event..could i still participate in that event??..please let me know..and help me..

  16. hii this sumanth from aurora’s engg college
    can u please guide for event: robosoccer many participants can participate in a team
    2.registration onspot or online

  17. @ Raghu
    There are 4 Robotics Events.
    1. Robo Nova
    The Robo Race Championship

    Click to access robonova.pdf

    2. Robo Cup
    The FootBall Competition

    Click to access robocup.pdf

    3. Cyborg
    The Path Follwer Robot

    Click to access cyborg.pdf

    4. Robokriti
    The Robotics Workshop
    Registration Details-for non NIT Warangal Students

    * This workshop is open to undergraduates from all branches and disciplines of engineering.
    * This will be a 2-day workshop held on Friday, 25th January and Saturday, 26th January.
    * The timing for the workshop is 9 am to 6 pm.
    * Students are to register only in teams. The cost of the course is INR 6250 per team (irrespective of the no. of members in the team). The maximum allowable members in a team are 5.
    * For payment of the course amount, teams are required to send a Demand Draft of INR 6250 in favour of “Technozion” payable at Warangal. The names of all the team members should be written behind the demand draft along with the name of their colleges.
    * All demand drafts are to be addressed to :

    Dr. I.A.K.Reddy,
    Staff Cordinator-Technozion 08,
    NIT Warangal,

    * The last date for receipt of demand drafts is 15th January, 2008
    * Teams will be provided robotics kits designed and developed by Technophilia.
    * All participants will be provided accomodation on payment of Rs. 300 (subject to change) at the registration desk on campus.

    Contact Details
    G.V.Dharnidhar: +91 99852 77274
    Amit Karna: +91 99854 38497
    email : robokriti[AT]technozion[DOT]org

  18. @ sumanth
    Robo Cup
    The FootBall Competition is an ONSITE event

  19. hai this is kalyan
    your site is not opening from last 10 days
    plz send me to the mail about work shop and paper presentation sir and line follower

  20. plz sir ia have to participate in u r ‘zion ‘plz send me the details sir

  21. ajay………. site ….its not opening ..registration process also taking more time from 2 days

  22. ajay plz not opening..we hav 2 register…its taking 2more time

  23. hey ds ani i need register but ur page is not displaying

  24. hi this is ramya can u tell me how to register in technozion

  25. We are migrating to new servers..
    That was the cause for the downtime..
    The Technozion Site will be up and running from tomorrow..
    Registration must be done online..

  26. hey,the technozion website is not working properly.I want to know about the papers selected for the papier mesh.Plz mail me the results.

  27. its working fine bharath..
    There is no problem whatsoever

  28. what are the req to participate in the fest (Robotics).
    we’ve 3 girls who are willing to participate in that event very much.
    if it is not possible when another event is going to be conducted and where?

  29. i want to partisan in your technical paper presentation how can i .

  30. Hey dude..put up the pics of APJ when he was in the college.
    You people have done a good job. APJ for TZ..Great work…keep it up.

  31. i want to partisan in your technical paper presentation how can i
    im in 6th sem chemical

  32. Rajesh Rathode said:

    we have participated in the event called ROBOKRITI.
    tha was a nice event .i have learnt a lot …
    but the problem is we havnt received our certificates..
    is there any other procedure to receive our certificates…

  33. the outstation participants received the certificates and prize money that day itself..
    Please contact the event co-ordinators if you haven’t received.

  34. prathima said:

    hai sir this is prathima from sir cr reddy engg college,ellure i had participated in robotics workshop and till now we had not received certificates.from our college we attended 5 batches for this workshop.we all need this certificates since we had placements if u send those certifies it will be a good fetching for us plz give us reply sir ok byeeee

  35. prathima said:

    sir we had called to the contact numbers of ur event co ordinaters there is no reply sir since we are far we dont know how to approach u

  36. @ prathima
    As far as I know the certificates and prize money were given out the last day of the fest.(I am not a core committee member of TZ 08).
    I guess you are too late, since the academic year is over and students have left for their homes.
    Try posting your problem in the Orkut Community for Technozion, or scrap the mods.

  37. G.Santhosh said:

    The Idea and Constructure is very good. I am very much impressed and determined to present a paper.

  38. your blog didnot give much information abt the technozion and the experiences abt the ppts so i would expect more details

  39. hi this is kirti persuading third yr btech.Being eager to present a paper in your esteemed institution,wanted to enquire the details of that.your website published currently is undergoing some problems i guess.the pope down menu of events option from your site is not being opened for the last 10 please inform about the best possible option to get further details regarding the symposium(with the topics mentioned)

  40. please, give the details about the dead line date of

  41. i want to know about fee details of papier mesh

  42. Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that forum who told me to visit your site 🙂

  43. KIRANKUMAR said:

    this is the good events conducting college

  44. KIRANKUMAR said:

    it is the good college in india

  45. I want to know about the Technozoin’09(robotix,workshop and related details) event please post the details about registration and accomidation soon.

  46. Hey! I’ve a doubt regarding the robotics regional round competitions that will be conducted in Technozion, may I know the dates and complete details( may be contact numbers of the core members to contact immediately) regarding this compitition, if so please mail me at By the way this is santhosh from Gokaraju Rangaraju Inst of engg & tech, Hyderabad.

  47. s.k.Parthasarathy said:

    hey i am an amatuer astronomer would like to attend the workshop in this event technozion your site is not working please show me a path!

  48. sir,
    iam studying ece 3 year ,
    can u please send me previous paper presentations in the dept of ece n also send me info about projects….

  49. hey d technozion robotic page is not opening.
    site is showing lots of problem.

  50. i want to participate in the event techozion about what we have known from our college ………………………i want to know the last date to register the names…………………………and the information regarding the place where the fest is going to be conducted………………………………….

  51. i have read about the techozion ………………… many members can participate in the team,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i want to know what are the events on which presentation can be given other than robotics

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