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Life at NIT Warangal

This video was made during Technozion 07 (the Annual Technical Festival of

NIT Warangal)

Though this was made as a promotional video for the fest it is a good video about the college,its facilities,academics and life.

So enjoy this video

(Kudos to Abel Joseph,Thomas Kappen and Tony Sebastian for the wonderful work)

Comments on: "Life at NIT Warangal" (105)

  1. dey could u make my name a link? thanks

  2. SEO hmmm…
    my site comes up on a higher rank for the query Tony Sebastian 🙂

  3. hiagp ,igotaieeerank28749 staterank2582 canigetanynit?anybranch?donitsparticipatein2ndcounselling? pleasereplysoon.

  4. @ rahul..
    I would love to help you,but as you did not mention which state you are from I can’t help as you might know the state rank is all that matters….

  5. Sneha Stephen said:

    Cud u tell me abt. d biotech eng. dept. of NIT- Warangal? How is d faculty?What r d prospects of placements in biotech eng. from this college?

  6. biotech department discussion has already been done in the other article..
    please go through the comments in the NIT Warangal for the Aspirant Article…

  7. SHRAVANTHI said:


  8. this was not the right topic to post,shud have been posted under the Technozion post..
    Technozion will be held on 25-27th Jan’08.
    All the relevant details has been put up on the website..
    Don’t worry the site has some server problem..will be up and running within a couple of days..


  10. Karan,
    May I remind you that typing in capital letters is the equivalent of shouting in web text.
    Regarding what you asked .. please visit the Training and Placement Site of NITW.

  11. well…i want to know abt hostel facilities…don’t ask me to visit the site and check out coz i hav done it already…juz tell me food,room and rules and regulations

  12. hostel facilities r good….n food is mostly south indian n partly north indian food,so every one gets adjusted,n u ll have 3ppl per room and in final year its only 2 per room ,u ll have wifi in hostel. ……n gates gets closed at 10pm…….. 🙂

  13. hope that answers priya’s query…

  14. does!!.thanx…but one thing…does all dis mean we can roam till 10 pm…??

  15. roam?
    where to.. warangal is a small place 🙂

  16. in any case….there will surely be sum thing good outside…

  17. shiva kumar said:

    I am preparing for AIEEE 2009 with qualification of a diploma. i started the preparation well but couldn’t able to be on track now because of external pressure like no coaching and guidance. i want to know how u prepared and what books u referred and the techniqies u used. please reply me ——– desiring NIT aspirant. please..

  18. Good Shiva Kumar..
    The best way to prepare is definitely preparing under the guidance of an experienced teacher..
    However one can also prepare alone with the right books and material.
    Start from the basics..
    Get NCERT textbooks and good text books like HC Verma, Resnick & Halliday..
    Once you get the basics right start out with the Mock Test Series, which is very important..
    I guess for AIEEE, Maths is one of the most imp subjects..
    Try RD Sharma for maths..
    Hope that helped you..

  19. hi,
    would u plz tell me about training in industries or in NITw for electronics stdnts during summer,i am pursuing ece,4th sem at BIT.Iam frm warangal.


    IAM PUSUING M.Sc(computers)final SEM(project).iam doing live project on ONLINE MUSIC STORE. so please give your valuble suggestions.
    */ please give information of HOW WILL THE PROCEDURE of the join M.TECH. becoz my brother get rank in
    GATE-2008. so pleasse give th information. councelling?
    2.NIT counduct any written test&interview.
    so please inform me becoz we are rural background./*

  21. I got 810 rank in gate in EEE,
    Would you please tell me about the gate cutoff rank/score in the last year.

  22. i would like to get the seat allotment data of 2007 for kerala students in ece

  23. i guess there is only one seat in open quota for ece

  24. hi,
    I got 7392 rank in GATE’08 (MECHANICAL), can u assit me in providing last admision seat in ST category for various NIT’s and other government engg colleges.

  25. abbeyondall said:

    hey AGP…how u doing???? ….well im aguy whose been studyig abroad for the last 12 years and i am seeking adm into nit warangal this year…but my parets are worried about the hostel facilities and the food catered…is their worry justified..??i.e. is there really a problem with the accomodation and food at NITW…..awaiting ur valuable suggestions…….

  26. how many seats r reserved for kerala students for electronics@communication engg. in nit warangal. wt could be the minimum rank to achieve it

  27. is there inter net connectivity in the warangal hostels

  28. @ abbeyondall
    There is no need to worry..
    The hostels are really good and a 250 seater Foreign Students block is coming up.
    Regarding the food,mess food is really good and hygienic when compared to other colleges.Of course after a while mess food might become boring, but we have a Canteen, Nescafe and Amul on campus..

  29. @ jithin
    please go to the AIEEE Site to get all the seat matrix and previous year rank.
    I guess the above details also feature on the AIEEE bulletin.

    and regarding internet connectivity, we do have net in our blocks connected through a campus lan.

  30. Excellent work, well done AGP! Btw, I am an old student at NIT several years ago and its good to know how things changed over the time! Good luck!!

  31. nice to hear that..

  32. hey AGP u have dona an excellent work.cheers for u!
    well i am a Nepalese student,completed class XII from CBSE India in 2006 with pcm 68 %.this year m gonna apply for DASA 2008 as i m not studying in a decent college.can i get in nitw and if yes which branch.i love computers so prefer CSE.please guide me which brach can i get and in which institute if cant make in nitw?
    waiting for reply


  33. sravanthi said:

    hii i got AIR-2079 and score-342 in GATE-2008.can i get admission in NIT Warangal? what is the last cutoff mark in previous year admissions?

  34. Sonu Pinto said:

    Is it allowed to have a computer or laptop in the hostel room. Do students usually have one? Or is there an internet cafe in the campus?

  35. ya its allowed.. and we have internet connection in our hostels.

  36. Sonu Pinto said:

    Alright so one can laptops in the room, But do students usually have one with them? It would be awkward to be the only one in the room/dorm with one. Moreover how’s the policy about mobiles. Is there a gym in the campus? Thanks in advance.

  37. Most of the students do have one, although in the 1st year you hardly require one.
    Mobiles are allowed in the campus.
    There is a gym in the campus.

  38. Sonu Pinto said:

    How are the washroom facilities and are they public or one per room or one per floor. Do they have the Indian toilet or the commode. Just curious…

  39. I guess you will be applying through the DASA Scheme.
    A new DASA block with all the modern amenities is coming up

  40. ram kumar said:


  41. I think so, but not quite sure about the procedure for Nepal Students..

  42. Sonu Pinto said:

    I have attained 92% in XII board with PCM avg of 92.67%.. Can you please ask the other DASA students whether this is enough to study at NIT Warangal for E&C or Chemical engineering? My parents are really tensed up. Please reply soon.

  43. see as I told earlier applying really early matters and as far as the 12th class marks go they are pretty good for you.

  44. sivaprasad said:

    Hai i got 673 rank in the stream ee with a score 446 & percentile of 95.68, where i can get admission?

  45. K.Modar Maring said:

    Hi, I blong to st category in cs n got gate 2008.
    Plz suggest me for undergoing with cutoffs for st at iits or nits.
    thanx alot.

  46. @ both the above comments, this blog is not related to GATE Examination..

  47. shubham said:

    can i get cs in nit warangal with stte rank 1639 in up

  48. please refer

    Do not post in this page any queries regarding AIEEE.
    There is an ongoing discussion at

  49. Sonu Pinto said:

    Just wanted to know something about the wifi service… How’s the speed and can one use torrents/normal downloads.. are there download restrictions/limits, etc…

  50. hi agp,
    I heard that there is extremist activity prevailing in warangal.
    is it true that we will not be able to get out of the campus during leisure time.

  51. hi,
    how is the living at nit warangal.
    is the climatic conditions good

  52. sathishkumar said:


    i got GATE score 73.97% and catagry ST. in which college can i get for this score from NIT’s or IIT’s.


  53. Rajagopal said:

    dear agp,
    glad to inform that u r doing valuable service to the nit apirants. my son is selected under dasa and awaiting call from the institute. could u pls inform when he is expected to report for admission and the procedure involved- whether the dates given in the academic schedule 2008-09 in nitw site are applicable for dasa students also.



  54. hi, i amm nitdgpian . and what abt u?

  55. Hi there! I know it’s quite late but I’ll joining the NIT during late August. Will it be possible for me to get a hostel room? Has the DASA Hostel been built already? Do you recommend a notebook for 1st year students? And one last question, will I get North Indian food there?

    Many thanks!

  56. @ shekhar.. nitw..

  57. @ rishab
    no idea seriously..
    I have passed out and have very little idea, about whats goin on now..
    A notebook is not that essential during 1st year
    and the food served is a mix of south and north..

  58. Crikey! Quick reply! Thanks mate! Oh and good luck with your future. I was really looking forward to meeting you but.. oh well. Have you started working already?

    Btw, Prof. Chalam… is he like the grumpiest person over there? He was the one who came up with all sorts of problems with me joining so late even after telling him that it’s MEA’s fault. Anyway, Prof. YV Rao seems to be quite a nice bloke and things are looking quite good now.

    Don’t really know why I’m telling you all this..!! Prolly it’s just because I like to rant.. hehe

    Many many thanks once again! I might need you again, I think. 😀

  59. Hi i am studying in intermediate second year in Andhra Pradesh….
    What is the alternate procedure to get seat in NIT Warangal if i do not get rank in AIEEE???

  60. hi!!bro….in the entire video i never had a glimpse of the BIO TECHNOLOGY branch….can you please provide any piece of information regarding the bio technology block in nitw…are the prospects for this branch in this institute okay…coz my younger brother is interested in the course …preferably in that institute…and a swift answer is the need of the hour

  61. wat r topics in ppt?

  62. Bio tech was not formed at the time, the video was created 🙂

  63. Anna,what syllabus/books did you refer for your AIEEE.Was it only NCERT 11 & 12 PHYSICS,MATHS & CHEMISTRY books.

  64. hello anna…..first of all i congratulate u for running a fabulous site like this.i am pursuing my first years 4m NITW.DEPT:EEE……
    i am ur super junior……
    can u provide some tips to enhance the quality of my blog.
    i want to earn money using blogs….can u suggest any methods…ive tried few methods.but they went in vain…i would be pleased if u could suggest me tips to become a successful blogger…
    anticipating a definite reply from you…
    thank u..

  65. lots of queries..
    quite some time I opened up the blog..
    ya NCERT books help.. do more mocks also..
    and for the second query..
    thambi, if you want to make money you can run an ad program like Google Adsense on your blog, but the mantra is have good content on your blog..

  66. Can you please tell me what rank should i be getting in AIEEE to get a seat in NITW. Please reply soon.

  67. how many seats r available in computer science in NITW?

  68. vijaykumar said:

    hi i got 74 percentile in GATE 2008 with GATE score of 262 can anyone pl tell me weather i can get any one of NITs i belong to SC category………..

  69. surendra vikram singh said:

    hi i got 91.03% in GATE 2009. my all over india rank is 2072. MY CATEGORY IS GENRAL. can i will get good institute for M.TECH. CAN I WILL GET GOOD NITS………

  70. chandra shekar said:

    iam chandu

    i got 6541 air in gate09-10

    with 83.9%

    with sc-c reservation

    can i get in nit-warangal

    please reply to me

    send mail to my yahoo id

    plz its urgent


    • i got 6541 air in gate09-10

      with 84.96%

      with sc reservation

      can i get in nit-warangal

      please reply to me

      send mail to my yahoo id

  71. ketan patel said:

    i can got gate score in gate 2009 is 372,air 4592, percentile 88.9
    plz suggest me for taking admission in any nit or govt. college

  72. uday kumar said:

    i got gate score of 372 in gate 2008 with 91.45 percentile plz suggest me where would i get admission

  73. uday kumar said:

    i got gate score of 372 in gate 2008 with 91.45 percentile plz suggest me where would i get admission in nits and iits

  74. hi
    i got 80.9% in gate 2009 and my score was 305 i belogs to SC category and CS department , can u tell me is there any chance for me to get MTec CS in you NIT

  75. i got 92 percentile in gate 2009 in mechanical engineering. can i get seat in any NIT. i belongs to general catageory.
    please tell me the way. now i am at the middle of sea. please help me out.

  76. varaprasad said:

    hi frnd, i got 372 score in gate 2009. i am from ECE. plez help me that where can i get d admission. can i get any nit’s & govt.colleges

  77. hai my gate 2009 score is 94.27percentile category general.pleaze guide me which institutions i can apply for in ece.will i get in nit warangal.will i get in bits pilani

  78. anonymus said:

    hiii can i plzz kno hw many ppl r der for one room……as iam an nri iam applyin in nitw….soo wa t 2 kno

  79. Dear Sir,

    i got 89.78%, 381 score & 786 all India rank in GATE-2009 (CIVIL ENGINEERING). Can i get a seat in STRUCTURES AT NIT, WARANGAL. What is the minimum percentile at other NITs?

    kindly inform me…


  80. i got 71 percentile in gate 2009 under sc category plz tell me i got admission in nit warangal

  81. plz send me cut off 2008 for sc category

  82. surendra patil said:

    hello brother,im frm maharashtra with 366 (86.66%,rank:2601)in O.B.C. plz tell me am i elligible to get admi. in NITs ?? if yes ,then plz guide me that where shall I aplly for admission.revert as soon as possible plz!

  83. hi…
    i got 88.16 percentile (360 marks) in gate-2009 and i have done from EC.
    my air is 5023.
    so which college i am able to get admission on basis of gate. give reply soon.

  84. hiii m haleema frm dubai,well m frm warangal tooo but settled here wth my hubbby.who z also n mechanical engineer.gud 2 c ur blog.

  85. Harish reddy said:

    i got 1121 rank in gate(96%) & am FC candidate.pls tell me where i ill get the iit or niit seat.

    Pls intimate me its very urgent.

    thanks in advance.

  86. RATNA RAHUL said:

    i got 328 score in eee i get nit waarangal

  87. Hi George ! My Nephew got 11229 rank in AIEEE-09 who is OBC category & HS is Andhra Pradesh, his AI category rank is 1911 & State Rank is 1973 with category 465,so my question is do he get a seat in NIT Warangal for CSE,ECE,EEE,& ME.And also want to know fee structure for all the years.Please suggest.Thanks….

  88. how many core company come for EEE branch…………..
    u were a student of EEE but u got placed in IT company ???????????????……….
    is there not enough core company visiting ur campus. or the packages r small…………..

  89. Robert George said:

    hey .. just came across you blogs while googling ..

    good luck man…


  90. mallikarjun said:

    can i get in nit warangal
    i have got the 8900 and having the pwd and obc reservations

  91. I have got 2760 rank in gate2010.
    can i get seat in NITWarangal>
    pls suggest me?

  92. Sowgata said:

    Helo sir,
    i am frm Westbengal and i am an SC.
    AIR-OVRAL-145418 Catag-6323
    STATE-OVRAL-4358 Catag-255
    Sir can I get into the NIT’s with this rank………
    I think I can get into some of the NIT’s…or atleast NIT DURGAPUR……….
    Can i get mech.engg or aeronautical engg in any of the nit’s or atleast in nit durgapur.i dislike chem & comp related branches.
    Plz give me the selection order of nits and branches in my councilling on the basis of higher studies and research.
    What abt nit durgapur’s(my state) carreer aspects for research?
    In which place should i place nit durgapur in my councilling selection list.
    Plz tl me sir which nit’s can i get with mech.engg along with their priority of getting it.
    Secondly Sir I had a doubt about my carrer..Can I get into MSc and then into the Phd field after doing BTech in Mechanical.engg from any NIT…or any other…
    I want a research carrer and I am interested in Astrophysics and theoritical physics…….
    Can I do it by having a BTech degree from any college……….

  93. kasi .pallavi said:

    sir … i hav got 1523 state rank in aieee exam….. nd i belong 2 sc category…… can i get a seat in nit warangal

  94. my aieee rank is 3700.can i get a seat in nit warangal eee branch.

  95. would i b able to get eee branch in 2 or 3 round of counselling

  96. i am a foreign student. i have got the criteria to study in nit as demanded.i.e i have exactly 60% aggregate in +2 and other criteria are also ok. so can i get best nit college 2 study

  97. Sir,
    I’m a student frm Missle East wishing to get in2 NIT in Mechanical branch. I’ve a decent SAT-II marks but i’m confused abt priority list. Is NITK Surathkhal better than NITW in Mech? Could you please help me prepare the list….May be top 5 NITs for Mech….

  98. pratima. said:

    hi………….. how is the hostel life in nit warangal. what are the rules and regulations there. is there any facility regarding room cleaning and washing clothes can we have helpers for these things.

  99. Prashant Ghimire said:

    Dear Ajay,

    Im a Nepalese student and have recently completed my XII board examination with average 90 marks in PCM. Im now preparing for SAT II test and quite hopeful to get around 2100. Considering these,can i be admitted to NIT warangal via DASA scheme? If so what procedures should i go through?
    Hoping for your response soon, I would like to thank you very much.

  100. need to know about campus life… is there any serious ragging? nd can northindian students find environment there friendly? and r bikes allowed inside the campus

  101. is nit biotechnology is better than core branches in pvt colleges in ap plz give the answer according to placements

    • hey, im a north indian….is it gonna be difficult to adjust into warangal? in terms of food or weather? i usually like moderate or rainy weather……..

  102. Hey buddy. Listen, I’m gonna come via DASA so most probably I’ll get the DASA hostel. Can you describe how many people can stay in a room for first year or like how are the washrooms and everything?

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