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NIT Warangal for the Aspirant : A collection of valuable information about the prestigious institution National Institute of Technology,Warangal (NIT Warangal)for the future NITians as well as for anyone who would like to know more about this college

Sadly there is no authoratative guide on the net regarding this issue.

So I thought about writing this one…

NIT Warangal has always been on the list of the best technical education institutes

in India.Facilities are at par with the best in the country and the highly experienced faculty adds to the strong academic curriculum.

Admission process for NIT Warangal is through the AIEEE examination and there is state wise quota.

There is a separate admission process for Foreign Students (DASA Scheme).

Popular FAQ:

1. The first question that comes to the mind is where is Warangal?

Ans: Warangal is one of the best cities in Andhra Pradesh,just 2 hours from Hyderabad.Reaching Warangal is just child’s play.Warangal is well connected by both road and rail.

All the trains on the Delhi Route stop by Warangal.Alternatively you can reach ‘Kazipet’ as the college is nearer to it.(But guys from Kerala , remember no direct train stops at Kazipet.Catch the Kerala Exp or an alternate train.)

2. I reached Warangal,where is the college(NIT Warnagal)?

Ans: From the Warangal station it is just half an hour on the Autorickshaw (autos are the popular means of commutation not buses.)It will cost you around 40-50 bucks (depending upon your negotiation skill) and if you are travelling alone you can have a ‘share auto’ (autos look the same,but say direct for direct auto) for Rs 8-10.

3.Ok, now I reached the college,where is the counselling centre?

Ans: You will be guided to the centre by the volunteers at the gate,Don’t panic.We will be there to guide you.

The counselling should go fine and you can give your options and see around the college.

The Central Library is sure to stun you (one of the best technical libraries in the country) and the new administrative block is going to be an architectural wonder.(Hope that the construction is complete.)

4. Oh my god this place is infested with naxalites!!!

Never.This has been the question put forward by most of the parents with whom I interacted…

They were a thing of the past,you can safely send your ward over…

5. Which bank operates closest to NITW?

State Bank of Hyderabad has a college branch and an ATM. Most of us use the SBH and many have an account also.

Let me share a cool hack.Instead of opening an account you could give your son/daughter the ATM card of the account at home (All State Bank cards are taken,along with some other banks) saving you the trouble of going through the process of actually creating one.

Other than SBH, we have Andhra Bank,ICICI at Hanamkonda (10 minutes from the college by auto).

Any questions and queries head over to the following websites:

NIT Warangal Official Website

NIT Warangal on Wikipedia

NIT Warangal Aspirants Community in Orkut

Any personal queries may be posted as a comment on this site with your mail id.

Thats all for now…


Ajay George Palakuzhy

Read Comment 328 and 353 before posting.

I am sorry to say this, but support is being discontinued for this thread, since I am on job-training and won’t have time to cater to individual queries. I strongly suggest you to head over to the Orkut Community, mentioned above to get answers for your doubts. All the very best to all the Aspirants.

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  1. hi ajay,
    what are the prospects of getting admission if i have a state rank of 900.. can i expect to get a seat? if yes what are branches that i can aspire for ?

    • igot state 1040 can iget nit at warangal

    • I am from Wayanad,Kerala.

      my AIR is 40057 and my state rank 1263(kerala) {open category}

      What are my chances of getting into any of the NITs?
      If yes ,which?

  2. state rank in which state ratan?
    If its the kerala state rank its pretty difficult to get in NIT Warangal.But still you can give the options..

  3. i have got air rank-120912.
    can i get seat in cse or ece or eee or it or any software side department… in southern india nit’s.
    plzzz help me in this, iam very worried about this please

    • you will get a seat in warangal but not with the courses you reported. you may get into meta,chemical,civil

  4. I think its difficult to get in NIT Warangal..
    But you might get a seat in NIT Calicut..
    (The AIEEE Site will upload the last rank details in various categories soon,then you can get a better picture)

    All the best for your future…

  5. Well I just got 2700 state rank and all india rank is way behind . . . 60000. so do u think i might get admission in any decent college? I guess NIT will b tough but any other decent college? I m from Maharastra. Thanks a million. Bye!

  6. its very difficult to get the elite NIT Warangal,NIT Trichy and NIT Surathkal.
    You might have a chance in other NITs.But again I won’t recommend some place damn far away if its not worth the pain..
    You may give your options in the following order
    MNIT Allahabad
    NIT Bhopal
    NIT Jaipur
    NIT Rourkela
    NIT Surat
    NIT Patna

    (this order is not related to ranking of the institute)
    First think whether you want a job with a fat salary (then comp science,ECE,EEE) or you want to go for higher studies
    (you have to study hard and be on top .. branch doesn’t matter…but the tag of a good college matters)

    All the best in your career…

    • Not Important said:

      Sir, With all due respect kindly provide the logical analysis you had performed to come at this conclusion!!.You can publish a paper out of this!!..
      Engineering Coll Rankings is like a delicious SHIT..People would buy it!!
      Good going with your blog..

      An NIT Alumni

  7. oh thanks a lot. But I aint eligible for the counselling! I forgot to mention that. Now do u think I have a chance of getting any good college? Or do I have to drop a year for even standing a chance? My pcm board percentage is 93%. Jus in case der r ny colleges who take in through board % and u r aware of them. Thankz a zilion! Bye!

  8. I didn’t get you..
    Why are you not eligible for counseling..
    After Bits Pilani switched over to BITSAT..I don’t know abt any other college which has board marks as the criterion..

  9. oh well I secured only 111/360 marks in my aieee. and so I did not clear the cut off. Now do you think I stand any chance of getting admission into a good college? or should I take a drop? thankx a zillion. Bye!

  10. Hi,
    I’ve got a rank of 5076,AIR and 659 State rank(UP). What are my chances of getting a branch at warangal, trichy, or surathkal, if any?
    Moreover,how’s the other NITs… wat shud be the order of preference for them..?

  11. @ Osha..
    maybe you should try the State Colleges..
    that is a pretty good AIR but your state being very competitive the state rank is not that good..
    You might get NIT Calicut or some northern NIT’s
    But definitely give the order of seats like this,as you allways have a chance of getting into the best.
    MNIT Allahabad
    NIT Bhopal
    NIT Jaipur
    NIT Rourkela
    NIT Surat
    NIT Patna

    (was out of station for a while,so could not reply earlier)

  12. sumit kumar singh said:

    i got state RANK 1652(kerala). my aieee rank is i have chances of getting into any nit? if yes, what are the branches iam likely to get? plz help me with the order in which i must submit my options during counselling?
    i belong to an open category……thanks a lot….

    • i got 23894 air in aieee 2009.will i getb any branch in nitt,nits,nitw any brtanch after 4th allotment?

  13. Kaushik said:

    My state rank(TN) is 730 and air is 37393.Can I get atleast civil or metallurgy in NIT-trichy,warangal,suratkal??Please give the order of preference of branches in southern NITs(trichy,waran,suratkal,calicut,rourkela) during my counselling.Please reply soon..

  14. thanx for Replying….
    Well m really interested in getting NIT Allahabad… cuz i think i dnt stand much a chance in southern ones…
    onething more.. hows VNIT nagpur… u havnt placed it in ur prefernce list…??
    thanx once again for replying…

  15. @sumit

    your chances of getting into the elite NITs is pretty slim,neverthless give the options in the order mentioned :
    MNIT Allahabad
    NIT Bhopal
    NIT Jaipur
    NIT Rourkela
    NIT Surat
    NIT Patna
    All the best for your career…

  16. @kaushik..
    you have a decent chance of getting civil..
    Meta has lots of scope for research..
    order can be as mentioned in the above post…

    All the best…

  17. @ manasi..
    never give up on the southern NITs
    you can always keep them on top of the preference list…
    regarding Nagpur,I have very little idea..heard that their chemical is good..
    maybe you can get in touch with their seniors in Orkut..

  18. A.S.AGNI said:

    Dea friend
    my daughter A.S.AGNI from tamil nadu state 916 AIR 46043
    Shall she get any NIT any course at OP cattegory.
    please give me a picture.

  19. Glad to see a parent post in my blog…
    I would suggest you to go through the opening and closing rank
    details given in the AIEEE Site..

    Order of choices can be as mentioned earlier in the comments section..

    Wishing all the best for your daughter and yourself..

  20. Hi,I got 34000 AIR in aieee and 5000 state rank(U.P.)(O.P. category) .Plz tell is there any chance to get nits irrespective of the branch? what about civil or production in any nits.

  21. anish purohit said:

    hello sir ,
    my air in aieee is 9144 n 1573 state rank frm rajasthan state … will i b able to make through any nit , with any of the branch .. esp mnit jaipur , can i meta their ..??

  22. hello AGP
    I got 31000 AIR in aieee and 4000 state rank(u.p.).Could u plz tell me some counselling tips so that I can get any nits with even a low branch.I am from OP category. Plz help me. I have a strong desire to be in any nits.

  23. Kaushik said:

    Heartful Thanks for your reply.Can I get chemical engg. in NIT-suratkal/warangal or production engg. in Calicut?What are job prospects of civil-nature of work,salary etc. Please reply soon..

  24. @ tanushree and anish..
    please check out last rank details CCB Site..

  25. @ tanu..
    The only tip that I can give is that follow the order of NIts given in this blog with of course your branch preferences..

    First of all you have to decide whether you want a good branch or a good college..

    Personally I feel, if you are loojking out for placement ,your branch does not matter.. Go for the best NITs…

  26. @ Kaushik..

    I think you can make it..

    do check outlast rank details in the CCB Site..

    Regarding Civil..
    It is a very good branch, good for both higher studies and placement(the best branch in NITW).But you should have an aptitude towards drawing…

  27. anish purohit said:

    thanks sir,
    but on ccb site , i’m not getting adm to any nit as per details of last year,r they cut off ranks of first couns 2006 ….????
    can i get any nit in second couns ……???
    aieee rank – 9144 n state 1573(raj.)

  28. hello AGP
    Thanks for ur reply.I also feel the need for good college but could u tell me that can i get them?If yes which branch.Just give me an idea.I could not make out from closing ranks displayed on ccb website.My state nit is nit-Allahabad(U.P.)
    Plz reply soon.

  29. anish purohit said:

    yes AGP ..
    same prob i’m facing as ” TANU ” ..
    my details r in above comment..

  30. try this…
    Since you are vying for the Good Colleges..
    keep the order of NIT’s as follows..
    MNIT Allahabad
    NIT Bhopal
    NIT Jaipur
    NIT Rourkela
    NIT Surat
    NIT Patna

    Branches Pref maybe in the order…
    (this is only a relative idea..)

    As I told earlier in some comment.. think for yourself which
    branch could be good for you taking into account your aptitude,willingness to go for higher studies,immediate need for placement…

    Let me know if you want specific information abt any branch.

  31. thank u AGP.
    I have heard that for first yr syllabous is same fr every branch and so furthur we can have the branch change in second yr.Is it true for biotechnology also.Plz reply soon.

  32. I think its the same..
    Biotech started only last year at NITW…

  33. Kaushik said:

    Heartful thanks for your reply.
    Why the OR and CR published in CCB website(for-NIT-T,W,suratkal) differ from the OR and CR published in NIT-trichy website?Can I get Civil engg. in NIT-T/W/suratkal in my 1st round counselling?Please reply soon..

  34. @ Kaushik
    the CCB Site should be more reliable..
    you have a pretty good chance I guess..

  35. illuminatus said:

    do you have any idea about the placement statistics of NITK Surathkal?if so,can you pls inform me?

  36. this is too broad a question..
    refer the NITK Site for more details…
    Placements are good in most of the NITs..

  37. hi.
    i have got 17247 rank AIR in AIEEE. my delhi state rank is 1546. kindly comment on my chances of gettin admission in ECE,CSE,IT in good NITs..

  38. Manuj, please visit the CCB Site for last rank details..

  39. dear dude,pls help me out.
    iam 4m maharashtra n my state rank is 867, n air 18k, my coun is on 9th , please suggest wat i shud do, since iam interested in chem, n can draw very well,.wat wil i get, .or shud i wait 4 form 2.plss tell

  40. pretty difficult to get into elite NITs..
    but don’t loose hope..
    Give all the good NIts in your option..
    But I don’t think waiting for form 2 is a good option..
    its a bit of risk…
    take admission in one of the NITs mentioned in this blog..
    mind you NIT Nagpur is also very good…
    all the best in your career..

  41. ….:::: IMP NOTE TO ASPIRANTS ::::….

    Please be specific while posting your query…
    and please visit the CCB Last Year Opening and Closing Rank Details

    All the best in your careers…

  42. Kaushik said:

    Heartful thanks for your reply.
    Which is better-Metallurgy in NITT or chemical in
    NIT-Rourkela?Is it true that choosing any branch in good college is better than good branch in lower college?
    I am sure to join civil in NIT-T,W,K.Then what are the options that I should give in Form-2??Please reply soon..

  43. definitely go for the better college unless you have a great aptitude for computers, wherein go for the college which can get you CS..

    See, in the good NITs, every branch is getting core companies for their placement..

    If you are desirous abt Civil I would suggest NIT Warangal as civil is the best branch in terms of facilities and faculty.

    Regarding other colleges, I don’t have much idea.(sorry to dissapoint you).

    Maybe you can slide to meta, or chem from civil..
    Meta has considerably lesser portion to study (atleast in NITW) and lots of research opportunities..

    Take care…

  44. reen mathews said:

    My son has got admission for ECE at NITW.
    We are from trichur.
    How are the hostels? What type of rooms do first years get?
    What are the things we should bring for the stay there?

  45. nice to hear from a parent again..
    Hostels for first years are 2-seater and relatively new..
    to be specific most of the first years will be accomodated in the 13th block.

    You need not buy the household stuff like bedding,buckets ..
    It is available nearby.. (there are lot of shops in Hanamkonda)

  46. martin robin said:

    i have got bitsgoa eee and nitw ece.i hope to get bitspilani in the next bits iteration.i live in trichur in kerala.please tell me which one to join.thanks for your
    reply to my mothers query about hostels.

  47. Kaushik said:

    Heartful thanks for your reply.
    What is the scope of chemical engg?Please tell about job prospects-nature of work,salaries etc.Is it better than civil engg. generally-regarding work,salary etc.??(other than NITW-since best branch in NITW is civil).Please reply soon..

  48. reen mathews said:

    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    What is the talk about IIT status to nitw like?

  49. @ martin

    NITW is far better,second only to IITs..
    You should have checked out the ratings.
    If not

    ECE is an awesome branch..
    Study well and you will definitely get the best placement..

  50. @ kaushik

    Chemical Engineering is a more research oriented branch..
    Placement can be in core companies such as Steel Plants,Oil Refineries,Reliance,Biotech related companies..
    I will have to refer up and give out the entire list..

    Salary is also pretty good..

    I can’t compare b/w any two branches..
    If you are good at Volumetric Calculations,Chromatography go for Chemical..
    else if u r good at Drawing and have a aesthetic sense of space and structures go for Civil…

  51. @ reen

    NITs are equivalent to IITs according to the latest view of the gov..
    New IIT is coming up soon at A.P.

  52. reen mathews said:

    Who tells us about textbooks?Where do we buy them?Or do we depend on libraries only?

  53. Joel Jose said:

    I’m from Kerala..Kottayam..I got admission there for EEE..
    I don’t know why the college site does not say what are the documents to be produced there..( Will i need a physical fitness certificate? Calicut NIT reqests one)
    What are the tuition fee and hostel fee structures, for what amount shall i take a DD, in favor of whom..? NIT Calicut site describes it in detail… As a Keralite friend, will u help me?
    Also which Mobile connection gets the maximum benefit there,Hutch?

  54. @ reen

    don’t worry about text books and all..
    NIT Warangal has one of the best technical libraries in the country..
    You might have to buy some basic text books…

  55. @ joel
    the relevant fee structure will be uploaded at the college website soon..
    The fee structure is revised, therefore there is no point in giving out the last year fees..
    just wait for a while…

  56. reen mathews said:

    .:: Post Removed by Admin ::.

    This comment does not comply with the rules of the blog, which does not allow inflammatory and racist remarks..

  57. Quote of the day

    “Tyler Durden: The first rule of Fight Club is – you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is – you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.”
    – Fight Club

    AGP u might want to start a new post called NITW and ASPIRIN 😉 😀

  58. reen mathews said:

    SORRY for my last post.
    I never thought it was a racist remark.
    My only intention was an innocent enquiry.
    Sorry once again.

  59. nivedita said:

    My AIR-5970 STATE RANK–1075 I appeared 4 the counseling and opted 4 civil in NIT-W but couldn’t get it and my mistake was that I didn’t fill up form-2. Now I want to know if there are any chances 4 me to attend 2nd counseling or on 11th June.I am very depressed now and I am ready to take up any course in NIT-W if possible. Please help me sir.

  60. reen mathews said:

    Is there any official/unofficial laundry service?
    How do you all cope?

  61. @ nivedita
    don’t get depressed…
    ok, currently did you get any seat in NITs..
    I am not sure about the rules regarding whether one is eligible if she has not filled up form2..
    please refer…

    still have any queries feel free to post back..

  62. @ reen
    there will be cleaners coming in everyday..
    rates are pretty cheap..
    however I would advise never to give the costly dress to them..
    wash own your own or get them washed by a dry cleaner…

    maybe this Orkut Community has answers to most of your qns..

  63. nivedita said:

    thanks 4 the reply but I feel that I missed out a wonderful opportunity.I opted 4 civil at NIT-W and IT at IIIT Allahabad-Amethi but failed. I am from AP and expected to join in warangal.Kindly let me know any information that is in my favour.Thank u sir.

  64. anish purohit said:

    hello AGP ,
    i’ve got nit-bhopal — metallurgy ,
    should i go for it ….???
    my air is 9144
    can i get pec ….???

  65. anish purohit said:

    sorry , i forgot to ask tht do u have cutoff list of last year’s pec(punjab engg. college) adms.

  66. congrats man..
    meta is a good branch, lots of research possibilities…
    I think bhopal is better..
    just consult with some senior of nit bhopal,which you can easily find on Orkut.

    no idea abt pec last rank details…

  67. reen mathews said:

    Thanks for giving me the orkut website.
    It gave me a good idea of things.
    How much telugu do have to know to get along inside and outside the campus.

  68. @ reen
    no need for knowing telugu, but one should have a decent proficiency in Hindi…

  69. @ nivedita

    Since you did not get admission anywhere by Form 1 allotment, yes you are eligible for 2nd counselling. All the best.

  70. reen mathews said:

    How do you get around inside the campus?
    Is a bicycle needed?

  71. nivedita said:

    thanks Haritha and thanks APG 4 sending me wishes 4 2nd counselling . i will be the most lucky fellow if i get through.

  72. Please parents dont be this over concerned about ur children we all joined here in this college and we all are doing fine .
    Leave all the work of adjusting and “learning telugu” and buying a cycle for ur kid !!

    And when u get him a mobile and tell ur child to keep it in his room and tell him not to carry it around with him.
    and cleaning clothes ,i got nothing to say !!! cant someone wash their own clothes ?? and plz buy formals for ur son , he will need it.

    and from now onwards its better if ur son directly asks all the querys rather than his mom speaking for him!!!!

    too much of spoon feeding will only make ur child weaker. so please let him talk here .

    take care now ! see you soon !!

  73. reen mathews said:

    Thanks for the reassurances.
    The thing is my son isn’t bothered about these mundane things.
    It is I whom am bothered.
    Anyway thanks for the patient replies.

  74. gayathri said:

    Hi AGP,
    I’m from TN.Got admission to csc engg at NITW.Can u give some info about the department,its faculties and placement.
    Will there be a language barrier for i dont know telugu.Can one manage with english.

  75. its mahesh again with air 18k, s.r. 800, my coun got over n chose chem in nit nagpur

  76. @ gayathri..
    CSE is one of the best departments in NIT Warangal.
    Placement, naturally is one of the best..
    Top recruiters include Microsoft,Yahoo,Google,Cisco..
    There won’t be a language problem..

  77. @ mahesh..
    congrats man..
    Chem is one of the best branches in NIT Nagpur..
    All the best in your career and future life..

  78. good to know u took in the right sense. Come ,see the college.. am not saying it is wont be difficult in the first few months.. but then after that period,i know noone here,who doesnt love this place..!!

  79. ibrahim said:

    I’m from Kerala.I got into NITW computer science.What all documents do we need to submit when i m joining NITW. Pls help

  80. hi
    i have opted for civil in warangal nit .
    how is it . i have interest in softwares . while doing civil engg can i opt for computer subjets in third year
    .or doing doing cse for ymca in faridabd (haryana) is far better

  81. Whoa maan! u seem to be the guru in here wid d ultimate gyaan. Everyone luks up to u “sir”…hehe….well,u got a loadsa thinz right in here though i wud want to disagree with a few of ur remarks(like for example EEE being given the vote over Mech.Atleast in NIT-W,i would wanna say Mech now takes the upper hand…hehe…bloody racist me!) And for the entire population worried about joining NIT-W, i assure you it’s not that big a mess or neither is it a naxal camp as u seem to be worrying. Just a calm setting with nothing much to keep u engaged. Now that all of you have been alloted branches, study hard if u so badly want that branch change at the end of the year… n till we meet next at NIT-W, ciao fellow college mates!

    AGP n the diapers!

  82. Hi…I hav got admission in NIT Warangal..I want to know the calendar of events of warangal..My problem is that i will need 2 weeks of holidays in november and atleast 1 week of holidays in december..will my absence create problem?

  83. Kanwalpreet Singh said:


    What about atm facility in the campus? Which banks offer services?

  84. @ ibrahim..
    wait for a while..
    most probably tomorrow the complete details will come on the college website..

  85. @ sanju..
    If you are seriously into coding, go for CS..
    else choose NIT Warangal,study hard and be among the top 3 in your entire batch,
    and get a branch change at the end of the 1st year.

    there is not an option of choosing comp subjects in civil.

    I haven’t heard of the ymca college…so I can’t comment on that

  86. @ naveen
    you are the real ‘Guru’ 🙂

  87. and for all out there meet the Guru aka self proclaimed Lucifer aka “namma” Kozhi aka whatever go check out his orkut profile…

    and get ready for 2 letter talk..
    ga ga gu gu
    “wr r ma gals!!!” and all possible smileys…

    evan imminni ‘Yo’ aa makkale !!!

  88. which ‘Ass’assin anada EEE’ne thalli paranjathu..? 😀

  89. @ saad..
    please go to for the academic calender..

  90. @ kanwalpreet..
    there is a State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) Bank and ATM nearby the college..
    most of us have an account there…

  91. Hi Ajay…I am Nijel from Kerala….i have got a seat in biotech in NITW. I had a few questions about the college in general and the climate over there in Warangal…
    Firstly about the website of NITW…I am not able to open the official site as of today…So i do not know about details such as the fees to be paid, method of payment etc.
    I have to join there on this 17th.
    Now about the climate…is it way too hot there?Wat is the best suited clothing for the Warangal climate?
    And about the hostel and mess facilities…Hw is it?
    Is there a bank and ATM on campus?Wich one?
    Please reply ASAP.

  92. dear dude , can u pls tell me what exactly chemical engg deals with, do i carry my morrison boyd, solomons , n j d lee, do u think i ll need them ?? or other stuff ,can u jus mention the authors.lik i used these 4 jee preparation.

  93. @ nijel..
    where in kerala are you from.
    The site has been experiencing some technical difficulties as the server is being shifted.But all the relevant data regarding your admission will be put up soon..So don’t panic.

    Its raining now in warangal..Climate is pretty good..
    Take few formal shirts and pants along with you as there will be some dresscode.

    Hostels are pretty good the discussion in this page..

    Regarding bank,look at the post above you..

  94. I gotta hand it to u agp brilliant idea n real great follow up.. in fact ur site is so good that im gonna advertise my under-marketed cryptic crossie blog here 😀

    Do click on the link if u are interested

    n hey NITW rocks dont you worry abt a thing 🙂

  95. @ mahesh..
    dude,first year all the branches kind of similar stuff to study..
    you will be studying maths,physics,chem,computer programming,
    engineering mechanics and all…
    nevertheless since you are in chemical you can carry along the books as they come in handy for reference..

  96. @ tony
    only paid inclusions here.. 🙂

  97. I am from Cochin…Where are u frm? Also i had this qn abt biotech…Heard its a relatively new branch in NITW. Wat is the opinion of the students who r currently doin dis course der? Will der be placements for biotech?

  98. Heard its a relatively new branch in NITW

    so you did not inquire before taking biotech?

    the students are happy and the new biotech department office has come up..
    placements will be there for all branches..

  99. nagnu aka vignesh said:

    hai agp bro…

    this is a great job that u doing,,,,

    keep going….

    all our support wit u 🙂

  100. with great pride I type in the 100th Comment..
    This blog has reached a audience of more than 4000 users and touched the lives of hundreds..

    I personally thank each one of my esteemed visitors for making this blog a grand success..

    Keep coming back..Pour out your heart..
    Come in with constructive criticisms…
    See you all…

  101. Here’s the details on the fees and wat all n wat not to bring.. 🙂

  102. Hi Ajay…I have visited for the academic calendar as you have said. But it does’nt open..i will need 2 weeks of holidays in november and atleast 1 week of holidays in december..You are senior sir and may have an idea if my these days absence will create problem for me?

  103. hey its opening now..
    The technical problem was sorted long back..

    you will definitely get that holidays..which will be in the winter vacation..
    Most probably college will close for the winter on the second last week of Nov..

  104. hi Ajay..i am comin with my parents to join NITW…Can you mention some good hotels/lodges near NITW?Is there any guest room facility on campus?

  105. thanx Ajay…I have seen the calendar..I have been selected for mechanical NITW but hav not been notified yet about the reporting time..Is it 18th July for all the students..I have read about the reporting time of other students on your blog..Any other mechanical engineer students who have been notified???
    I must say ur doing a great job on this blog!

  106. @ nijel..
    when are you coming?..
    We do have a Guest House.But that could be occupied soon..
    If you are coming soon,you might get it…
    else don’t worry just outside the college we have Punnami Hotel which is being run by APTDC.

  107. @ saad..
    The reporting time is same for all branches..
    and thanks for your good wishes..
    This can be seen as my way of giving back to the system…

  108. All the best for all the freshers joining NIT Warangal…
    See you all at the College..
    Have a nice trip…

  109. hello….my rank is 56678 in aieee…….i m not having eligibility for counselling……even den can u tell abt the good colleges where i can get in……….the colleges where i can apply wid dat rank n i can get related branchs(cse.etc.eee…it)…….thnx a ton..

  110. How did your state entrance go..
    I am sure lots of good colleges should are in your state…

  111. thnx Ajay….I will reach there on 17th afternoon….

  112. hey ajay, i have got 72 % in my 12th board examination. do u think that it will be possible for a kid like me to cope up with the studies in NIT or im not to that level?

  113. one more question which concerns me is that are we allowed to keep bikes for transportation if we are not staying in the hostel?

  114. @ saad..
    It all depends on your confidence and willingness to work hard..
    I personally know many students who have worked hard in their college and been successful..

    regarding bikes..
    they are allowed..
    but I don’t find any reason you should not be staying in the hostel…

  115. hey! dude this is mahesh again, chem being a baby branch i mean started last yr, in nit nagpur, does it really hav prospects?jus worried man

  116. chem is pretty good for higher studies and you would get placement in petrochemical,steel,biotech related areas…

    Remember every branch is good and has scope for development..
    All that matters is whether you are interested..
    Stay in the top 5 of your class..
    Definitely you would be getting a good job..

  117. Archana said:

    my brother got an air:11400 and state rank (AP):1918…..and category:OC, actually he couldnt attend the 1st counselling and will be going for the 2nd counselling on aug 3rd. so is there any chance for him to get in nitw (preferably), nit trichy or nit surathkal. If so in which branch. one more thing is he has completed 1 yr in a local engineering college at hyderabad with eee as the branch. So which option is better going ahead with the remaining 3 yrs in the present clg or going with civil or other branches at nitw?
    sorry for the long questions…..please reply soon…….

  118. Your brother’s rank is pretty good..
    he might get into one of the above mentioned NITs.. (NITW will be pretty difficult though).
    As said and reiterated throughout this blog,it is all person dependent.
    Speak with him…
    If he wants a job he will certainly get it even if he continues his studies at hyd(hope the major recruiters are visiting his campus),
    but if he is genuinely interested in Civil or related branches definitely he should join the NITs as he stands a very good chance of getting both a good job in the Core Sector,which I guess the current college cannot offer along with a better scope for higher studies…

    Hope I made some sense..
    All the best for your brother…

  119. Archana said:

    thanks a lot for ur reply……..

  120. Kaushik said:

    Hello AGP,
    I did not get a seat in form 2.Will I get in 2nd round counselling?Ihave opted for NIT-W,T,K,C in form 2.My state rank(Tamil nadu)is 730.Please reply soon…

  121. elite NITs will be a bit difficult..
    did u give any other NITs as the option?

  122. Kaushik said:

    Hello AGP,
    Will I get atleast civil or metallurgy in NIT-W,T,K,C?(since you have said in previous posts that there is decent of getting civil and metallurgy).My aim is to get into only top 4 NITs(southern NITs).Please reply soon..

  123. don’t loose heart,this year NITW has been opted out fast..
    that is why I told it would be difficult..
    You might get into Calicut…
    what was the last rank for calicut last year and this year?
    but remember some northern NITs like Allahabad are pretty good..

  124. Kaushik said:

    I am not able to find this year’s Calicut last rank..
    But according to year’s last rank in NIT-trichy(TN) I can get civil and metallurgy easily..Is there any chance that this year I may get NIT-trichy?Please reply soon..I am worried..

  125. then don’t worry..
    even I looked up NIT Warnagal’s last rank details of last year earlier and then told you had a decent chance..

  126. nivedita said:

    hi agp,
    srry 2 trouble again just wanna ask u doing civil,meta……in nit-w serves better if i wanna go 4 higher studies later on………….or else if i wanna even go 4 a job…will civil ,meta help me out(a gud job)…….and can u pls………tell me wat r my chances of getting into nit-w (civil or chemical)thru 2nd coun–(air-5970 ap state rank-1075)…i m particularly worried abt the course……..pllllllllssssssssssss help me
    thaaaaaaaank u

  127. sorry nivedita..
    with a state rank of that much(even though your national rank is very good),its pretty difficult to get in NIT Warangal.
    Regarding Civil and Meta…
    very good core companies come for recruiting for Civil..
    Meta has a bit lesser scope..
    but when it comes to higher studies meta scores over civil I guess…

  128. nivedita said:

    thanx 4 the reply ……r there any chances of getting into other nits(south india)…..nd as per last year’s rank details aren’t there any chances particularly 4 nit-w……………..thanx 4 the reply

  129. nivedita ..
    please refer to the ccb last rank details..
    link has been posted in a previous post..

  130. Hi,

    culd u please let me know wat is the scope for biotechnology…….is it worth taking biotech at nitw if theres no better option?


  131. biotech started at NIT Warangal only last year…
    The new labs and the related facilities have come up…
    Regarding placement I can’t comment right now,because I cannot predict the situation after 3 years..But definitely some core companies are bound to come and recruit the students..
    Regarding higher studies, I guess it has got lots of scope because Genetic Engineering and stuff like that are hot areas of research…

  132. hi agp,
    got to ask u urgently if 1st year’s syllabus of biotech is same as other courses………plz kindly suggest me if i have 2 pick up between biotech in nit-w & IT in a local college……………..which is better?….i m not particularly interested in biotech..wanna go 4 branch change after 1st year………wat will be the chances (is it that only the top 3 students of a particular branch r allowed 2 do so)………..plz reply soon.thank u….

  133. Please tell which is better to opt first in choice sheet-production engg. in calicut or metallurgy in warangal?

  134. @nivedita
    ya,the syllabus is the same…
    see getting a branch change will depend a bit on your luck also..
    If you are the college topper for the entire 1st year it is 99%..
    Branch Topper around 95%..

    This is because, a branch change is awarded only if that branch even after adding students through branch change that branch does not exceed the maximum number of students allocated…

    for eg: in our year ece branch was already full and for cse only 1 seat was available,but for eee there were around 10 branch changes..
    (hope you catch the point)

    Then if you are not interested in biotech,and if you are seriously interested in IT related branches,do settle down in a local college…

    But the value that NIT Warangal offers,cannot be matched…

    In a nutshell,you have to be at the top to expect a branch change,and a good amt of luck should favour you…

  135. @kaushik…
    NIT Calicut’s Production Engg comes very close to Mechanical..
    and I guess that branch has equal job opportunities as Mech…
    NIT Warangal Metallurgy is different..
    It offers a Metallurgy and Material Science Engineering,which very few colleges offer..and has got a lot of research possibilities..
    Think for yourself..
    remember job vs research vs college brand…

  136. Hello AGP,
    Finally I have got metallurgy in NIT-trichy .Thanks for your valuable suggestions given by you for my counselling..

  137. Please tell about the highest and avg. package in metallurgy.Please..
    After doing MTech from IITs what would be the job prospects(packages etc..)? Please reply soon..

  138. Congratulations man…
    Don’t worry abt the pay packages and all…
    NIT Trichy has definitely one of the best placements in the country..
    Now go and enjoy the college man…

  139. saad's mom said:

    my son is in 1st year of mechanical eng..he got admission through DASA…he was very happy when he got admission in warangal coz he longed to study there…now the situation has entirely changed..he wants to leave the institution..he is very depressed as he is not able to cope up with the studies..Isaw on ur site that he has asked u if he can cope up with the studies at warangal {ques.112}…going through ur site i have felt that u r a sincere student who can give me proper information…Iwant to know if saad can get any extra coaching after classes?do u know any mech.eng.senior student who can guide him?hoping for ur reply soon…..

  140. I would suggest, given a chance, the student should choose your subject of interest in IIT first, then you should choose your subject of interest in you home NIT. I am the first batch of Computer Science and Engineering graduate in India and I feel money will not give you all the comfort. One can have a better social life and participation in the community activities if you are in your home state NIT.

    Also, just think that we produce IIT’ans and IIM graduates to sell coke, Pepsi, insurance products, shares market products, under garments etc. Have we ever created a Boeing, Lockheed Martin, GE etc? We basically create followers and not inventors. How many IIT professors have written world class books like that of Millman & Halkias and Taub & Schilling? Remember, Dhirubai did not have an IIT or IIM in his pocket.

  141. how much air rank is needed in aieee to get admission in punjab Engineering college

  142. how much air ramk in aieee is needed to get admission in punjab Engineering college

  143. Dear Ajay,

    I finished my engineering long back from REC Calicut, now working and pursuing MS.

    I am writing this comment to acknowledge this wonderful effort on your part – in counselling Engineering aspirants at such a critical stage of their career.

    Great Job and All the best.

  144. @ saad’s mom..
    Even I am a bit worried regarding the issue..
    Sadly there are no extra coaching classes…but remember he can always approach his professors to clear his doubts…
    and he can also clear his doubts with his classmates..
    I am sure they will be ready to help…

  145. Reen Mathews said:

    Hi everybody,
    It feels like a long time since I last visited this site.
    I would like to tell saad’s mom —
    —college study ,especially professional college study is different
    from school study. Only a few guidelines and the very important
    parts of a topic are usually discussed in classes,and that to it is
    usually in a hurry due to of constraints of time.
    A student eager to learn, should adapt to this.
    He has to go after knowledge –read the chapters again and again
    –use more books on the subject. In the beginning it is difficult.
    But with time he will be able to study on his own.
    Discussion with classmates is a good idea.
    But approaching professors to clear doubts —does it practically happen
    —I doubt it—It is a myth –I don’t see it happening among newcomers.
    And most of newcomers feel depressed and would be happy to leave if
    they could. So don’t worry –saad is not the only one feeling that way.

    What I wanted to know was –when are the Dussera hols exactly?
    Thanks for all help I got when I was there.
    Many whom I know and many more whom I don’t know have helped me.
    My special thanks to all of them.

  146. Which NIT? Confused?I suggest,you read Dheeraj Sangi’s (Professor IIT Kanpur) page at Also, just scan through the faculty list (see their educational qualification) of each NIT. The ranking of Data Quest,India Today, Outlook etc are primarily goes by placement record and not by academic criteria.

  147. Reen Mathews said:

    How do you get Dheeraj Sanghi’s page at ?

  148. @ Balakrishnan…
    I cannot fully agree to the argument you have put forth.Placements are definitely a benchmark while ranking the tech institutes but they are not the sole criterion…

    Perhaps the Professor has done a good job in actually ranking the institutes,but I guess I will have to trust an unbiased independent ranking authority such as data quest or Outlook…

  149. @ reen..
    approaching professors to clear doubts is never a myth..
    without even trying how can one come into conclusions…
    So never underestimate the professors,I guess I have to blame the students for this kind of attitude..they think their best friend is their best teacher…which is not always true…
    The same zeal and enthusiasm the students put in for cracking the various entrance examinations is never to be found once they join the college..I am not telling one should be fully immersed in studies..academics should be always the top criterion…

    Dusherra hols will be towards the end of oct I guess..(nt sure..)

  150. saad's mom said:

    thanks Ajay for ur advice….
    my hearty thanks to reen for the reassurance she has given which has helped me feel better…..
    regarding clearing of doubts,it is the right of a student to approach teachers or professors and it is their duty to help the students…if a student is keen and dedicated,no teacher or professor can turn him away…it is just that a new-comer needs the beginning of a ladder and once he gets it, he starts climbing himself…some students find the ladder themselves while others need guidance…
    i must say that ajay is doing a great job along with his studies by providing a platform for the newcomers to clear their doubts…and i hope that other students get inspiration to perform such good tasks…

  151. Nice to find the parent community actively participating and debating on the various issues of our current education scenario..

    All the very best for all the students who have joined the various colleges this year..
    Remember to enjoy life to the fullest and excel in whatever you pursue,as these 4 years will shape your career and are actually the best years of your life…

  152. Reen Mathews said:

    Don’t misunderstand me
    My exact words were—“But approaching professors to clear doubts —does it practically happen
    —I doubt it—It is a myth –I don’t see it happening among newcomers.”

    I agree with you—it is the student’s fault –not the professor’s.
    My question is –why is it not happening?
    Is the atmosphere not conducive enough for it to happen?
    WHY? WHY? WHY?

  153. how do u rate nit jamshedpur?

  154. @ reen
    Its the kind of preconceived notion,something deep rooted in the student mind which leads to this totally unexplainable trust in your peer which forbids the mind to ask that doubt…

  155. @ avisek
    I am not the best person to do that…

  156. Bharat Pardeshi said:

    Dear friend,
    Will u please tell what r the chances of me getting admission for M-TECH COMPUTER SCIENCE at NIT,Trichy or NIT Warangal. My qualification are
    Diploma in IT(3 years) :- Distinction
    BE.IT (pune university) :- Distinction
    GATE IT Score :- 504
    GATE AIR Rank :- 76.
    Please tell me do these ppl consider GATE-IT Score, currently i am working in software company at Delhi.
    Plese help me i bhai.

  157. P.P.Salim said:

    Dear Ajay,
    Its a good job you are doing.My son is doing 1st year EEE there and the way seniors are taking care of them is wonderful and appreciable.I did my 1975-80 from GEC Tcr,Kerala and you seniors are better than ours.
    My son has to come back to the Middle east for his VISA renewal in NOV-DEC-2007.Will you please give me your college winter vacation schedule. unfortunately, your college website is not updated with this information.
    Thanks a lot my dear Ajay,

  158. Thanks a lot for your kind words…
    The schedule which has been given this year is as follows…
    The End Semester Examinations will start on 12th of Nov and end on 17th of Nov..
    So the winter holidays will begin on 18th of Nov..
    This dates are least likely to change,but could be altered by a week or so…
    So kindly make arrangements for your son’s visa renewal…
    I hope I answered your query..
    …::: Happy Onam to all the parents :::….

  159. @ Bharat
    Sorry to dissapoint you, I have the least idea abt Gate..

  160. hey yaar…CISCO ka package kya hai NIT Trichy mein..ya baaki NITs mein??..aur Wipro,TCS,CTS,Evalueserve etc ka??

  161. @ Dhawal..
    you should better contact an NIT Trichy Student…

  162. wat is the scope of bio-tech? and i heard tat nitw BT is not upto some top level. also will there b placements for them??

  163. Bio-tech has been identified as one of the emerging fields in the area of research and technology.Giving due importance to this branch of science, NIT Warangal started off with their Graduate Degree Programme in Bio-technology last year.

    Quote :
    i heard tat nitw BT is not upto some top level

    Please get it cleared from the source you have…

    It will be one of the key areas of research NIT Warangal will be looking forward to in the coming years…

    Regarding placement, I cannot comment on the situation after 2 years.But you will be definitely placed in a core sector.

  164. what is the average & highest package offered to students at campus recruitment in warangal.more specifically of electronic & communication branch.

  165. the average package could be around 4.5 – 5 lacs, which could go up this year.

  166. I am chinnikrishna , from A.P. I got the gate air was 2731.gate score was 305, stream was CS, Categery was Sc. please inform the best colleges .Thanking you sir………..

  167. i have been gettin average scores for all exams around 90-95%.X boards 93%. I am gonna write XII board in 2008.I am worried whether such scores will be good enough for nitw through DASA.

    Moreover i am eligible to write aieee.

  168. @ chinnikrishana.G
    I have the least idea abt Gate…
    please consult gate site, for last year ranks…

  169. @ vivian

    take it is can make it with hard work and good preparation.

    All the best…

  170. Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  171. vineeth sharma said:

    I am vineeth sharma from Hyderabad. I had recently gone thru the website of NITW. I am really surprised.It is really marvellous.
    I WANT to do Msc in mathematics .But I am unable to get proper information about the entrance test
    and its syllabus.Could any one please help me out.
    On the official website adequate information is not avialable.

  172. even I am not sure..
    probably you should contact the Admissions Office..
    or the Dean,Academic Affairs..

  173. sir
    i got 50% marks in my btech civil iwant to go for mtech is iam elligible for the mtech prog..

  174. as you might be knowing the M.Tech Selection procedure to the various NITs and IITs is through the Gate Examination..
    please refer
    for Eligibility conditions…

  175. Rahul Singla said:


    I’m a dropper from Delhi.I Want Comp. Engg. In Any Of Elite NITs.What Rank Is Required(Approx)?

    Please Mention State Rank Too!


  176. refer ccb site..
    and do post with your real email id…

  177. Reen Mathews said:

    Many parents had been calling me – worried about their ward’s impending decision to dropout in the second semester due to mental tensions , dispirited with their poor academic performance.
    The announcement of fresher’s party ,comes as a great relief to all of us.
    Hope relationships improve in the remaining few days of this semester so that the casualty rate in the form of dropouts will be nil.
    Do help.

  178. hi! can u plz tell me what are cutoff ranks for general category students for getting electrical and mechanical engineering at nit warangal. i belong to bihar state.
    i want to know all india ranks for above. i will be highly thankful if u can give me this information.

  179. @ krishnam..
    please refer the CCB Site

  180. Was surfing the net and found this post…

    Dude…Immense Patience..!!!!
    esp with those relating to GATE and also the CUTOFFS 😀

    P.S.:How many times did you post

    “please refer the CCB Site” or something similar to that 😛

    Hopefully you will reply to this too!!! 😉 lol

  181. hehe nice one..
    atleast you noticed..
    this post was initially meant for just the 12th std kids who had given their examination and waiting to make a choice and probably their parents..
    Now this has grown into a ONE SIZE FITS ALL 🙂
    can’t help it. This is India..

  182. sowmya rangarajan said:

    My daughter is presently in the 12th and would like to pursue a course in biotechnology. If the choice were between VIT and NITW which would you suggest. I am aware that biotech is a new course at NITW. If she has to do a more general course at the undergrad level and then do her masters in Biotech, which stream would she need to take.

  183. Latha Murthy said:

    My son is in the 12th and is keen on doing computer science engineering. We will be applying under the DASA scheme. Can you provide a ranking among the NITs for CSE in particular.

  184. @ sowmya rangarajan…
    definitely NITW..
    The branch might be new, but the facilities are good…
    and definitely core companies are expected to come for campus

    for the second question I would give the answer as Chemical,
    which is related to Bio-Tech as well as have a wider base ..

  185. @ Latha Murthy
    NITW CSE has the history of producing real good coders..
    Microsoft India Development Center (MS IDC), Sun Microsystems,
    Cisco are few of the elite companies that come for campus recruitment here..So if you are looking for a good job, definitely CSE is a good branch and NITW would be one of the best places for your son..
    But let me not be an advertiser for my college, NIT Trichy and NIT Surathkal fare equally good..

  186. I am a grade 12 student from Dubai/UAE- eligible to seek admission thru DASA/NRI quota in Nits- keen to pursue CSE;Please advise Nits ranking for CSE stream;

    How is Vellore Institute of Technology for CSE.

  187. please read the above post..

  188. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  189. Siva Shankar said:

    Sir, I have heard that there is a special quota known as “Other State REC”. I dont know if it is correct.

    But… Can u correct me if i am wrong. N if its true, then how can we use that quota. when can we get the application forms for that.

    Please do send a reply to my mail ID also.

    Thankx in advance.


  190. well, there is nothing called as “Other State REC”.
    But as i have told earlier each state has a fixed quota in each NIT..
    please refer the AIEEE site for more details

  191. dear can you tell me the yr 2007 and yr 2006 cutoffs for Mtech in VLSI.

  192. sorry jayant..
    please refer the gate site..
    I have only knowledge about the B.Tech degree courses..

  193. hi
    I want to know about the technial events going around the NIT and what is the last date for submision for ppt and when the intimtion letter comes…..plz send me the details…..and also the topics for ppt……

  194. What is the criteria/selection process for NRI seats in NIT, Warangal. What will be the fee structure?

  195. are there any hotels or lodges near to NITW?plz reply soon…technozion is starting i need the info soon..the hospitatily organizer isnt responding through mail…

  196. mama, are u student of nit warangal

  197. Its a long tym since i have knocked here… u may see my early post regarding query about my admission in nit..(query no.10)… i hav got electricals at nit-allahabad…but i still have a chance to change my branch…what i want to knw, hows the branch, in future prospects… i really want to continue with it, but evryone around says its very the job prospects rnt gud…since u r of the same branch..i dnt think i’ll get any other bettr person than u…to solve my confusion..
    although not going with the subject (NIT-warangal for aspirants)…. still hoping to see ur reply..will b gr8ful!!

  198. great to hear from you, and congrats on getting Electrical.
    See, Electrical is not all that difficult to study.What really matters is your interest and confidence in the branch.
    But if you are looking it at from the placements point of view, it is true to quite an extent that most of the electrical students get placed in the software sector, but the real interested and determined students got placed either in the ‘Core’ or the ‘Electronics’ field at least in our college due to the ample number of companies visiting our campus..

    What really matters is your interest..
    From job point of view, my pick would be Computer Science considering the current IT boom…

  199. hi, i am an NRI dependent…, is there any quota for nri dep in ANY nits (my dads an nri).. btw how is the educational and teaching in NIT calicut

  200. nope..
    I don’t know whether you are eligible for DASA scheme..

    NITC is good..

  201. what rank/score is required in IT to get into NIT Trichy or NIT warangal?

  202. which IT?.. It is not an examination
    AIEEE is the admission test for NITs..

  203. @Ajay
    I mean,i want to know how much score in Gate for the stream IT is required to get selected for M.Tech selection procedure in NIT Trichy or NIT Warangal..?

  204. no idea man..
    please refer the gate site..

  205. My daughter is in 12th class appearing for exams. She is is planning to take DASA admission to NIT, Warangal. Can you kindly give me information on scores required for Electronics and Communications and also computer science branches.

  206. What are the prospects for Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Branch? Specifically at NIT, Warangal.

  207. @ Rajani

    I guess 12th board exam marks get preference..
    Also applying earlier helps..
    Also take the SPDC exam for scholarship..

  208. @ jyothy.
    Metallurgy offers a plethora of opportunities..
    It is one of the best branches for Higher Studies and Research.
    Also good companies such as Kenna Metal, various PSUs recruit Metallurgy students..

  209. Thanks for the prompt reply.

  210. I got good amount of info about NIT W. Guys, give feedback on marks obtained in AIEEE and AIR.

  211. hi,
    My GATE score=393,
    Can i get in NIts

  212. thanx for the reply AGP…
    srry i got quite late to thanku..

    i think i’ll be continuing electrical only…but…onething i want to ask, as u said..”From job point of view, my pick would be Computer Science considering the current IT boom” …. dnt u think IT sector is getting over-crowded today..i mean evryone’s just ending up in this field only…???

    thnx again 4 the reply!!!

  213. Hello ajay,

    Got my Gate scores for CE
    GATE score:337
    GATE AIR RANK:1002
    Can i get into any of these with above score NIT-Warangal/Surathkal/Trichy.


  214. hi,
    My GATE score=363,
    Can i get in NIts

  215. mukesh kumar said:

    My GATE score=357,
    Branch=electronics and communication,
    Can i get in NIt
    plz send information asap.

  216. sriramamurthy.vuyyuru said:

    I got the 6020 rank GATE-2008 and the percentile is 68.98 (sc reserved), qualified
    so what clg. I EXPECT

  217. sriramamurthy.vuyyuru said:

    above comment branch is MECHANICAL

  218. i got 1155 rank in gate 2008……..with score 385 with 92.43 %………..i want to know where i can be placed……

  219. bhs pavan said:

    i got 91.63percentile
    with gate rank 2463
    gate score 374
    can i get admission in u r college

  220. i got 74.05percentile
    with gate rank 7198
    gate score 242 with SC reservation
    can i get admission in u r college

  221. Bhawna Priya said:

    my gate rank in 2008 is 4412 & 84.13 branch -electronics and telecommunication.can i get admission in your college.waiting for your reply.
    with regards

  222. Hi
    My branch is electrical,gate rank 532,score 471 and 96.49percentile.can i get admission in ur college.please mention the courses too.

  223. hii,my branch is mech.gate score 409,93.83% percentile,AIR-1129,


  224. For all the Gate Entrance people please read this :

    This blog is not related to GATE Entrance and the M.Tech Admissions.
    Please stop posting your Gate Scores here .

  225. hey..

    i just wanted to know if you do engineering from nit warangal from computer branch what is the approximate pay package you would get…

    thanks for your help

  226. heyy..

    i would like to ask another question if had a option between nit kurukshtra and warangal which nit shall i get an admission in?


  227. @ pooja
    you might get an average salary of 5.0 lacs + annum
    the admission will depend on your rank and the priority of choices given..

  228. hi,
    I got 7392 rank in GATE’08 (MECHANICAL), can u assit me in providing last admision seat in ST category for various NIT’s and other government engg colleges.

  229. please read comment 226

  230. srinath said:

    helo sir i got all india rank in gate 939, 94.78%.where i should apply for M.Tech in Mechanical engineering

  231. HI Ajay,
    I have done production engineering from BVP pune and got a score of 386 in PI with an AIR of 107 in year 2007(last year). I would like to ask you if it is advisable to join Warangal NIT, what are the chances of getting an admission to
    manufacturing course (mechanical) and are production engineers eligible to apply?
    My percentile would be 92%

  232. Sorry all Gate Aspirants..
    I guess I have to reiterate the fact that I am just a B.Tech Student and this post or blog does not deal with GATE Aspirants or their counseling.

    If I had any idea of the GATE Examination I would have definitely helped you out.But currently this blog and the author restricts itself to AIEEE and other Engineering Entrance Aspirants..

  233. hello,
    must agree that ur doing a great job.i am 17 years old.i am an NRI…studied abroad ….passed O’ and A’level through british council.i want to opt for CSE in NITW,but when i read the blog of saad and his mom…i am now really scared, because the academic standard in abroad is muchhhh lower than that in India..i dont know wether i would be able to cope up….although i have done some coaching in india..also is there any way i could contact a student who wrote the SPDC exam….. Do you have an idea of how many NRI students you have at present in NITW.please advice me

  234. don’t be that scared..
    I agree with you on the fact that the academic standards are pretty good over here, but that should not deter a reasonably intelligent and a hardworking student from taking an admission at NITW.

    If you have an orkut account, do search for the community called DASAs at NITW.Students there should be willing to help I guess.If you are still not able to get any help do write back, probably i can provide you some contact.

    Currently in the first year there are about 50 – 75 NRI Students.

  235. hello,
    yesterday i posted my inquiries in the DASA communities on orkut……….but till now no if possible please provide me with some contacts [from blog 235] i dont want it to be too late , since SPDC entrance test is fast approaching……also do u have an idea about how many hours are needed from a sincere student to study,for a student with CSE at NITW? ………is there any way i can get the syllabus of first year of NITW. lastly , since i have not studied in India……i dont know any comp. language…….since there is time for me to get enrolled in the college ….could u suggest one language i should learn?

  236. SPDC from what I heard from my juniors is a pretty easy exam and most of them got through.So don’t panic. Just prepare hard.

    Its not the hours that count, but regular and consistent work.

    The syllabus keeps on changing, but the 1st year subjects would be Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry,Computer Programming,Engineering Graphics,Basic Electrical Engineering and Basic Electronics, Basic Mechanical Sciences, Workshop Training etc..

    It pretty much covers all the basic stuff one needs to know.
    and one programming language I would highly recommend would be C++.

    don’t panic.. NITW is not some alien place..just keep your cool and work hard..

    all the best..

  237. hello sir,which branch will b best 4 awesome packages…

  238. rahul chandra said:

    hi ajay i m from kerala at what state rank i ll be getting nit trichy or warangal .please tell me the corresponding aieee all india rank and possible marks required 4 them

  239. what rank iin aieee 2008 to get electrical branch in nit allahabad.

  240. i m from bihar ,what is the scope of electrical engineering from nit allahabad?.thanks.

  241. rahul chandra said:

    hi ajay yaar wat happened u r taking too much time in replying this query alls well na r u ok????

  242. @ himanshu..
    previously it used to be computer science related branches, whereas as the core sector is gaining prominence the salary packages are catching up, and the recent Pay commission recommendations could actually end up making a government job equally attractive..

  243. I’m from Assam and I gave the AIEEE today. I’m expecting score in the range 150-200 out of 305. So hmm can i get into mechanical engineering/ electronics / computer sceince at NIT warangal or surathkal?
    Please reply soon

  244. waht percetage marks should get to join in nit warangal in aieee08 exam

  245. Hello again,
    Is it true that NRIs are not allowed to sit for on campus placement exam ?

  246. @jyoti
    its not about the percentage of marks you scored that matters.
    What matters is your state rank.
    So just talk to some of your school seniors or other friends from your state to get an idea of the relationship between your marks and the state rank.

    All the best for your future.

  247. @ dilip
    please read the previous comment

  248. @ Nitin
    its false.
    Unless you are bound by the country you are hailing from to serve their country alone, which means that they won’t be issuing a work permit, you can sit for the placements.
    This affects some students from foreign countries.
    This year many of the Indian DASA students got placement through campus selection from NITW.

  249. P.P.Salim said:

    Dear Ajay,
    My son got 6.42 grade(passed all papers) for the first semester at NITW and has just completed 2nd semester exams.Is it possible to appear for improvement of 1st semster papers?.He says it is not possible to improve for passed papers.Pls adivise.

  250. Hello Sir,
    Nice to hear from you.
    Sadly there are no improvement exams in the NITW academic system.He can always improve in the coming semesters.

  251. Dear Sir,
    I have scored 160/315 in AIEEE 2008.I expect to get an AIR<20000.From the website of ccb I learnt that i may get civil engg in NIT Warangal.I want to ask that is there a scope for branch change at the end of 1st year and what kind of cgpa is required.i am from rourkela.Plz give any other good options for me.

  252. hey agp pls chk the link

    it is mentioned that the placement council at nitw restricts dasa students for it true ? and what is the average placement of dasa students from nitw?
    plz have a detail inspection on it.

  253. @ Partha
    That is some good performance in the exam.Congratulations!
    Now regarding the branch change, you got to be at least in the top 2 of your branch and the branch you are sliding to should have vacancy.
    That means that even if you are the college topper for the first year, if CSE is already to its max capacity, you cannot slide.

    But if you are in the top 10 of the college leaving out the ECE and CSE students (because they mostly never apply for sliding) you stand a pretty good chance to slide to Mech, EEE or ECE.

    Try another NITs also..
    See what branches you will get there from the previous year allotment.

    Remember even if you get civil, if you are interested you can study hard and get a very good placement.
    Its all about your aptitude towards the branch and not about getting CSE or ECE.

  254. your detailed response to mr partha is really an eye opener it clears a lot of air about branch prefernces

  255. @ Ramesh
    Initially there was some mixup..
    But now its all sorted out and DASA Students are eligible for placement.

  256. if one gets a.i.r from 1000 to 5000 then will he get seat in Nit warangal

  257. DEAR SIR,
    i have scored 220/315 in aieee 2008 . and my expected rank is above 5000 i.e(from 1000to5000). will i get a seat in nit warangal for the course of electronics or…..

  258. Nupur Bansal said:

    Hello Sir,
    My score in aieee 2008 is 116/315.I know its pretty low…My rank expected is around 40k to 50k.Is there any chance of getting admitted to a good college???
    According to the website for NIT calicut,the closing rank they post for CSE n electricals were 59k n 96k respectively..Is this misleading sir???
    Please Help sir.

  259. @kunal..
    An AIR of under 5000 is very good, and you definitely expect a
    seat at NITW.If you could have mentioned your state I could have given a better idea.
    Definitely go and check out the last year seat allotment..

  260. @ Nupur
    Getting into southern NITs would be difficult.Try Northern NITS. The last rank details could be for the SC/ST candidates.
    Also it depends on the state which you are from.

  261. mithun said:

    dude i am getting 230/315 in aieee 2008 and predicted rank is 1000-2500….. i want your opinion on NIT trichy Nit warangal and IIIT hyd…..which do you think is best…also what about BITS PILANI???…

  262. continouing from point no. 259 sir, as you have asked my state to which i belong , sir i belong to ANDHRA PRADESH . NOW PLEASE can u give me a clear idea……

  263. Nupur Bansal said:

    Is there any scope?? Do I have something in my hands??
    Please reply Sir.

  264. Nupur Bansal said:

    I am tensed..I am from maharashtra.
    Is there any hope?

  265. @ kunal and Nupur
    check out the seat allotment for all the NITS from

  266. sir, i have gone through the website i have a doubt. sir whe i saw rankings for warangal state it was given that for A.P THE OPENING RANK IS 285 and closing rank is 1382 . so plzzz can u tell me whether these ranks are state rank or it is A.I.R

  267. its the National Rank..

  268. thank u sir . one more doubt , suppose if i get in VIT do u advice to join it and is the IIIT’s are better than nit’s ,sir
    please reply….

  269. VIT is also a pretty good college (the best private Engineering College in India as they say).
    IIIT focuses only on Computer Science.I must say some serious research work is going on over there.But if you look at the college as a whole, I guess NITs are slightly better.

  270. thanku for answering my query………sir, one more question , suppose i get seat in any of the good nit’s then do we get a good job and can i know what would be the annual income one can get fro the good nit’s(i want just an approx.) plzzz sir reply to this question……

  271. Definitely, NIT Warangal is on top of the list for the best placements in the country.
    The average package could vary between 4.5 – 5 lacs per annum.
    The other NITs also fare almost equally.
    See, at this point don’t worry about the pay package and all.
    Choose a college and a branch, where you feel you can excel.
    Rest will come your way.

  272. for a student who chooses CSE branch…..which is the most suitable college among ;IIIT Allahabad,IIIT Gwalior,NIT……..and if NITs which one ?

  273. Nupur Bansal said:

    15% reservation is for private or government colleges???
    it is said that 15% o fthe total seats on the colleges all over india are filled in through aieee.

  274. @ nitin
    frankly speaking I can’t give a comment, because I haven’t done any survey and I have a limited exposure of outside colleges.

  275. @nupur
    no idea of what you are talking about.
    check out the aieee site ..

  276. An Important Note to all visitors :
    This post was meant for the future NITWians, who would have various doubts and need clarifications.
    But eventually this has grown into “One size fits all” kind of post, where even the GATE Aspirants started pouring in, which was never meant in the first place.
    To all those who are reading this, the author has limited knowledge about other colleges. If the questions could be restricted to NITs and preferably NITW it could be better.
    But if you have a real problem you would like to discuss, I would be most glad to help.

  277. i have got 186 marks out of 345 marks in aieee2008 and i belong to rajasthan can i get admission in nit jaipur

  278. please refer the AIEEE/CCB Site for previous year’s seat allotment..

  279. @ Rishabh
    This is not the forum to advertise your site.
    If you want your site linked up here, first request for that

  280. I have got AIEEE-2008 state rank in between 3001-4000 than what are my chances of getting into NIT surat.

  281. please refer AIEEE Site for ptrvious year’s seat allotment

  282. dear ajay,
    ive just written my aieee this year.. i do not have a clear picture about my rank or score as of now. im keen about biotech in the NITs.. id like to know about the cutoff marks, state ranks and air that would give me a good chance of getting into NIT Warangal, NIT Calicut. im from tamilnadu.

  283. Biotechnology is a very good option both for research and jobs.
    My juniors secured projects at IISC and IIT during this summer.

    Regarding the opening and closing rank please refer the AIEEE Site or the link provided in the above comment.

  284. hey, i checked the link u gave me. but there ws no rank listing for biotech.

  285. Manohar said:

    I am gettin a near 260 marks ie. i think an AIR 400-500,can i get into NITW or IITH?
    If yes, can i hope for comp sci?

  286. sneha susan abraham said:

    Hi Ajay,
    I have a AIR 1205 in gate -2008 Please clear me that whether i will get admission in vlsi in nit calicut/warangal /suraehkal/trichy. I don’t have any information about opening &closing rank of various nits .And also tell me whether there is any websit in which i will get information about this opening &closimg rank

  287. @ Manohar
    Please Refer the comment above you for opening and closing ranks for NITW for the year 2006.
    This is the updated link for 2007 :

    As for IIITH refer their site or the AIEEE Site..

  288. @ sneha..
    1. refer comment 226.
    2. You are in luck.
    Opening and Closing Rank for M.Tech Admissions at NITW has been put up
    Also refer

  289. Sankaram said:

    Dear Ajay,
    My daughter’s AIEEE marks will be 125 / 315 in 2008. Estimated state rank can be around 4500 & AIR will be around 25000. Interested in Civil Engg. Can she get in NITW? Which other NITs can be possible for Civil engg? Pl. advise.
    May God bless you for your service.
    Best wishes

  290. @ Sankaram
    Hello Sir,
    First of all let me ask you a question.
    Is civil the branch she really desires?. Sometimes parents get it totally wrong. Sit with your daughter and make a thorough analysis.

    and of course Civil is the best branch in NITW.
    take time to go through the Opening and Closing Rank details of NITW

    Other colleges where civil is good are NIT Calicut and NIT Surathkal. not sure about Trichy.

    Also check out the AIEEE Site for other last rank details..

  291. Sankaram said:

    Thank you, Ajay for the response. Its clear the coice of branch. I could find OR & CR for NIT admissions for 2007. Shall be thankful to have your guidance to know the details.
    Best Wishes

  292. Sankaram said:

    Dear Ajay,
    The earlier comment is not clear. I meant that the branch decided is civil. If possible, let me the source for OR & CR for NIT admissions in 2007.
    Best Wishes

  293. AIEEE Site has not yet given college wise list..
    The link I provided in the earlier comment was for NITW alone..

  294. Durgesh singh said:

    Hey bhaya
    i hav got about 135/315 marks is thr any chance of getting nit{any} with ths marks
    im frm bihar and belong to obc
    im eagrly waiting 4ur respons
    im realy worried plz rply
    thnx a lot


  295. Durgesh singh said:

    I hav gon thrw all the post so kindly do nt refr to any othr post and plz giv sum tips for counsling to get best frm ths point thanx a lot


  296. Durgesh, regarding the obc seat matrix, till now we have no idea.Whatever rank you can predict from the marks you have obtained, you can half it and look up in the Opening and Closing Rank (year 2007)of various NITs when it comes up in the AIEEE Site.

  297. durgesh singh said:

    how iz the comptation in bihar is thr tough comptation like AP……..???
    and bhaya thanks a ton for ur response im realy kind of urs

  298. durgesh singh said:

    and bhaya plz tell somthing about IT(B.TEC)branch or information science….hw z it is it ????
    i mean its gud branch for a job wid a fat pakage aftr four year ….as u havn’t told about till nw so i asked it
    thnx a lot

  299. Durgesh, if you are seriously considering engineering as a career, please start posting in proper English, as I can’t make out what you are asking in comment 302.
    Regarding IT, it is an upcoming branch, but I would advise you to go for CSE, as it is more broad.

  300. prarthna said:

    Could you please give me some information about biotechnology at NITW. Is there any other NIT for biotech?
    In an earlier comment you have talked about projects at IISC and IIT. Could you give some more information.
    Also please inform what is the relevance of the opening rank for a state?

  301. prarthna said:

    I have one more query. Which is a better course to pursue between EEE and ECE?

  302. Biotech at NITW, is relatively a new branch.It has fast evolved into one of the competitive branches here.
    Since the first batch will be passing out next year only, I am not at a position to comment about the placement. But as I mentioned in some other post, the students for their summer projects have been accepted in various elite institutions such as IISC and IIT.
    The labs and the faculty are competitive.
    I am not sure whether other NITs have this course, but some IITs have this course.

    Regarding relevance of state rank :
    This is the sole rule which comes into play during the Admission. In AIEEE what matters is how good you are in your
    state, because we have only state wise quota for the seats.

  303. @ 306
    Every branch is good. What makes the difference is you.
    Its your interest that counts..
    Currently ECE has a better placement average than EEE, but since the core sector is gaining prominence the gap is narrowing every year.

  304. ..:: An Important Note to Aspirants ::…
    Please avoid double posts..
    Think carefully and then post..

  305. Durgesh singh said:

    Ok bhaya i will keep this in mind……!!
    Thnx a lot

  306. sir,i get 83 marks in thare any chance to get any NIT colleges?pls give me answer soon?……………

  307. @ roshna..
    I can’t predict your rank. But I guess that is a pretty low mark. Try for some other colleges or northern NITs..

  308. hello,
    If possible could u tell me what is the minimum percentage required in class 12th (for NRI)for admission at NITW.

  309. sugandha said:

    i am expecting around 190/315 in do you think i will make it to nit warangal or nit suratkal.please reply immediately.
    thank you

  310. @ Nitin
    not quite sure abt tht..
    pls refer the college website..

  311. @ sugandha
    I am sorry to say that I am not the authoritative person to make a mapping from Marks to Rank..

  312. Hi,I’m also from Loyola School.I’m expecting about 162 in AIEEE 2008.Will i be able to get into NIT calicut ,warangal or trichy for mechanical engeneering atleast.What are the possibilities.Please help me.

  313. Sorry buddy can’t help you on that.
    Read the above comment.

  314. Hii sir,
    I m expecting rank<20k in aieee…
    I want 2 persue Computer science Or Electronics as my trade…
    I belong 2 haryana..
    Sir,can i get any decent college??
    I have got councelling call letter from amrita,coimbatore @ rank 965..
    Should I join amrita or wait 4 eee results??
    plz help..
    waiting 4 ur reply..

  315. @ Pramit
    Use the following link to estimate whether you can get the seat of your choice at the college of your desire
    Opening and Closing Rank for 2007

    NITs are better.

  316. achyuth said:

    hi Ajay ji,
    i am expecting 105-115 marks in aieee-2008, will i be fit in any NIT for cse, mechanical, in OBC quota? Please, answer me. I have to take decision to get admitted for K-CET before the results of aieee.

  317. Please refer comment 301
    for the link refer comment 320.

  318. ishita sharma said:

    what branch is a person ranking between 8000 and 8050 expected to get at vit in 2008.

  319. sir i am from up.iam expecting 165 in eee,08 .i want to get in nit.sir plz tell me wheather it’s possiblew or not.

  320. i have droped 2 years after 12th ,is it going to affect my placement.

  321. @ ishita..
    not the question to be asked in this forum

  322. @ samay
    refer 316
    and the answer is no to a large extent if you excel both academically and in extra curricular..

  323. .:: Imp Note ::.
    This blog does not list in its services that it can authoritatively map marks in the AIEEE Exam to a rank.
    So Aspirants do not post your AIEEE Marks.

    Please be prudent and do a spell check while posting.
    Broken grammar and English reflects poorly on your skills.
    Please be specific in your questions and not general qns such as :
    “What is the cut off marks for B.Tech admission in 2007”

  324. hi agp,plz tell me about the chances of getting good nits ahrough form 2.
    on which rank [all india or state rank]basis allotement is done through form 2.

  325. well i cleared iit2008 and ended up in extended merit list.
    i’m getting an offer frm indian space research and technology for aerospace engg (btec)and aviation.u think its a good option 2 join?
    do u have the rough idea of the cutoffs of various nits for diff braches?
    plz help me.thanks a lot.
    i’m frm maharashtra.

  326. @ samay
    chances are slim, but you might get lucky..
    I guess state rank matters there also..

  327. @ vibav
    Its relatively a new course, with no placement whatsoever I guess.Is it said, whether you will be absorbed into ISRO?
    If thats the case then its worth it, else I am not sure..

  328. pragati said:

    my aieee score is around 110-130, i am frm maharashtra, which are the top NITs , will i get a decent branch in a ok nit….which are the branches with a lot of scope these days…? is there sliding in all NITs??? i’ve heard that in low branches 5-6 branch toppers are given sliding facility , is this assured in all NITs….plz help me…

  329. @ pragati..
    refer comment 328 before posting
    Top NITS are NIT Warangal, NIT Trichy and NIT Surathkal.
    There is sliding in NITW.
    Refer comment 255.

    Remember to go through this page as most of your qns are already addressed.

  330. sir,iam expecting a rank 4500-5000 in aieee frm delhi state.i would like to ask u ,do i hv any chance of getting ece or cse in NIT allahabad or NIT jaipur or maybe mechanical in top NITs if possible.the site u mentioned to c for 2006 ,i hv seen tht but i didnt understand why they wrote a single rank as both a opening and closing rank.i would be thankful if u can pls answer my query.

  331. sir,to my previous ques (335) above,i would like to add tht i would not mind taking mechanical from nit allaha or nit jaipur so can i get even tht,pls do answer my ques

  332. @ amit..
    thats a pretty good national rank.

    Same rank for OR & CR thts funny, come on use your brain there is only one seat for Delhi..

    I guess for ece : 2950 – 3476 (from the site ofcourse).

    Do use that site and make decisions..

  333. then sir,pls reply that can i get mechanical in NIT jaipur,allahabad or warangal maybe if possible,pls reply to this one.

  334. sir,pls answer considering my state also(delhi),iam worried about tht more thn anything else

  335. and sir,if thre are any wrong ques given in aieee exam,and if we attemp them by selecting appporpriate option,r v given negative marks?

  336. Nagarjuna said:

    Hai AG,
    I have written AIEEE 2008 exam. My score is 228/315 and I am from Andhra pradesh. What rank (state rank) should I get in order to get seat in CSE,ECE,EEE,MEC. Can you please give state ranks of the (AP)students who joined in above Branches. Please I will be eagerly waiting for your response.

  337. sir,can u pls tell me approximately what rank shud i get(state rank,state being delhi),to get gud branch in either top NITs,or in NIT allahabd/jaipur/surat?im expecting about 5000 all india rank in aieee 2008

  338. @ amit,
    how is tht possible?

  339. @ Nagarjuna and Shrey
    refer comment 340

  340. sir,
    i got AIR 6108 and state rank 681(delhi) what r my chances of nit

  341. Hi,

    My AP state rank is 1291 and the AIR is 6441.Would I get a seat in NIT warangal?
    Thanks in Advance.

  342. I got a rank of 8462 AIR and state rank of 1682 in AP.Will I get in NIT Warangal, Suratkal or Trichi? If I want to take Biotechnology with this rank which are the best places?

  343. ananthu said:

    im frm trivandrum…got state rank 160 and AIR-6100 for aieee wat r my possibilities for gettin into nit-trichy, nit-warangal or nit-suratkal???and tht too,which all courses shall i get in these colleges???

  344. prarthna said:

    Could you please tell me how to read the site with the opening and closing ranks for AIEEE. I did not understand the significance of the opening rank
    1. If the opening rank is for eg. 3000, does that mean someone who gets 2500 cannot get the course?

    2. The ranks given are AIR. How does one read the state ranks required from that list?

    3. How many seats are there for each course at NIT Warangal?


  345. achyuth said:

    hi ajayji,
    I have secured 135 marks / state rank 553/ AIR 23438, and OBC, Do I really fit in NIT surathkal, warangal, calicut, trichy… for ece, cse, mechanical? I am from karnataka-bangalore.
    I have the same doubt as commented in No.350 by prathna.
    Please guide us.

  346. sudhakar said:

    sir I have secured 91 marks in aieee 2008.My AIR is around 69000 & my state rank is 6606(delhi).do i have any chances to get through any of the NIT’s…Please help me out sir..

  347. @ All Above
    If you want to know whether you can secure a seat in an NIT of your choice go to this site :

    This gives the Opening and Closing Rank for all NITs..

    Therefore do not post your Ranks in the site.

    Make prudent use of the above website and double check before you post..
    Remember most of your questions are already answered in the various above comments (this discussion has been going on for over a year now, and has virtually covered all of the possible queries)
    Remember, if I start individually catering to each of your queries, I would have just that to do the whole day..
    Failure to comply with these rules, is not ignorance of rules rather “I want it in the platter” attitude.
    So it will be dealt with merciless deletion of your posts!
    All the best in your careers and may God bless you all abundantly.

  348. @ Naresh
    NITW is now becoming a good place for Bio-Tech..

  349. hi,i am anu.
    i got 79302in aieee rank
    & 4252in kerala state rank
    have any chance to get in to NIT CALICUT?
    In which courses can i get admission?

  350. @ prarthna & achyuth
    qn 1 : no
    qn 2 : state and national rank are almost proportional
    hope you get the idea..
    qn 3: that is bound to be revised since the OBC quota is coming in..

  351. @ anu
    comment 353

  352. HI!
    Can u pls tell me which private colleges give admission through aieee.
    I got air 107000 and maharashtra state rank 5292.
    Can I get admisiion anywhere?
    PLease guide me.I am quite depressed.

  353. Show some maturity..
    How many times I have to say this..
    Read Comment 328 and 353

  354. @ Akshay
    Obviously you did not read comment 353, but your post escaped deletion because, I gotta answer the 1st qn in your post.
    The AIEEE Brochure, if I believe in its first few pages lists out the participating institutions..

  355. karthika said:


    I am a civil engineering graduate,and my GATE score is 362. I have applied for NIT Warangal, but i would be more comfortable if i could get a seat in NIT Calicut.
    Can you please tell me whether fees once paid at NIT Warangal will be refunded if i secure a seat in another college?
    I couldn’t find the answer anywhere in the Information brochure…plz help if you can…..


  357. aiee ranks is 56000
    state rank is 8000
    m frm rajasthan
    plz tell me the colleges

  358. plz guide me.
    can i guide admission in haryana and uttranchal in sum decent colleges,.

  359. @ karthika
    I’m really sorry, read comment 226.

  360. @ Suhani or Amit or Shrey or Amit Shrey Suhani..
    Is that the same person or the entire family has only one email-id.

    Whatever it is I don’t really care.
    Because what you posted just now is unacceptable.
    Show at least an ounce of internet etiquette.
    This should help you.

  361. @ himesh 🙂
    You must really read comment 359

  362. it is useless to ask ques to ajay george,********* is a far better person to seems to get irritated too quickly (true, with such imbecile acts.Sonny I have been doing this service for the past 14 months.I have nothing against you, but the kind of attitude you possess.When corrected have the magnanimity to accept the mistake and correct yourself.)

    Admin Edit : If you want to advertise the service of another person, this is not the place.
    Still didn’t understand why you used different names..
    Who are you?

  363. Vaibhav said:

    plz send me a mail for opening & closing ranks of NITS(esp-Trichy n Warangal)

    I’ve got AIR — 1143

  364. @ Vaibhav 🙂
    You must really read comment 359

  365. pls visit

    there it has not been mentioned NIT,Surathkal

    and pls see the top 25 college rankings… and give some comment on the above.

  366. srikanth said:

    i got all india rank 4760
    sc category rank 236

    can get seat of mca in nit warangal

  367. @ Ramesh..
    already discussed..
    Probably they did not participate in the survey…

  368. @ srikanth
    I am not sure about the MCA Admission procedure.

  369. hi ajay,
    can u temme how is the biotech faculty and course at warangal?
    can i get thru into it
    AIR : 14532
    Maharashtra : 732

  370. I am from AP with AIEEE 3500/700 and 324 in BITS.
    3 questions:
    1. How is mech in NITW? Faculty/placement.
    2. What do you think about BITS-Goa. I know you said earlier you do not about other collges. But hearsay?
    3. Is it easy to slide up after 1st year at NITW

  371. I am tired..
    Its not like you scroll down to the end of the page and see some dumbo posted his rank and seeing that without even reading the original post nor the comments the next one follows.
    Please take time to read comment 359.

  372. @ Sri,
    1. Mechanical is one of the oldest and most respected branches at NITW.Top recruiters include Kennametal, Reliance, Ashok Leyland,L&T, Tata Motors, Godrej and Schlumberger.
    So I hope you get the idea of the quality of the branch.

    2. BITS Goa is relatively new, thts what I know
    Thier technical fest Quark’s Website impressed me though.
    (Good, atleast you spent time going through my post.
    Kudos, you showed some maturity and confidence, one of the most important traits required in an engineering student)
    Out of topic, but let me remind all those are reading this,
    studying for a B.Tech degree is not like preparing for your entrance. It requires some maturity, a deeper understanding of your basic concepts…
    And remember never will you get ready made answers for all your doubts.
    There are the resources and people to guide..Its up to you to do the needful.

    3. This is already discussed.
    Refer comment 255

  373. @ nabeel..
    Biotech is a branch, which is 2 years old at NIT Warangal.
    That doesn’t mean that it is ill-equipped.
    It can boast of state-of-the-art equipment and top notch faculty.
    Students going to 3rd year acquiring projects in IISC and IITs stand testimonial to the fact that, Biotech at NITW is a force to reckon with.
    All the best in your career.

  374. Hi ,

    as per my ranking’s (AIR-6481/ST-RANK – 1361(A.P).I would have all these option before me (as per 2007 ranking’s).

    1) NIT-Tirchy – Production enginerring)

    So what would you suggest for me. or get in to any branch of NITW if i am getting (expect biotech)

  375. @ pavan
    (updated link for 2007 OR/CR)
    Good, this is what I expect from students..
    Read the comments carefully and post.
    Choose Trichy and Surathkal above Allahabad, since even in Allahabad you are not getting any circuit branches.
    Between Trichy and Surathkal is tough…
    Trichy scores a bit more..
    But if you are interested in higher studies choose meta (losts of scope).
    Production has shades of mechanical and will allow you to sit for some mech core companies.
    NITW, civil if you can get will be good.

  376. Hi ,

    If metallurgy has a lot of scope .and if i want to choose it, i can get meta branch definately in NITW (as per previous ranking’s) .

    How is metallurgy dept in NITW.

    Could you name me the core companies which come for meta ,if there are any. and also civil .

    And do you have any idea abt due to these OBC quota are seat’s in the NIT’S getting increased .

  377. @ pavan..
    Meta is comparatively an easy branch to learn at NITW (thats just my view).
    Core companies for Meta :
    Kenna metal,Shell Tech. India,Oil Tanking.

    Civil :
    Lots of PSUs.

    The entire list of recruiters is available at:

    Yes, seats are being increased..(thats what I heard last)

  378. Dear Sirjee
    Can u pls tell me insts besides those mentioned in aieee brochure.I mean the otherwise good private insts which accept aieee score.

  379. Hi ajay ,

    Thanks a lot .

    So what college would you like me to choose if i want to do circuit course’s (in the top 5 – 6 nit’s) .

  380. @ pavan
    NITW>NITT>NITK>NITC>NIT allahabad..

  381. i got 3449 air in b arch ……which nit,s have this architecture stream ……..does nit warangal have it or no?

  382. Thanks ,

    So which would bea beter option .

    TRade for a good college ot trade for a good course .

    Well I have not been able to yet priorise my future plans.

    But definately i would like to go for that course which would provide me ample scope to develope.

    Since i am totaaly new to all these what would be your suggestion.

  383. hello sir,
    hope u remember me..I had once asked u abt branch change in will be happy to know that i hav got a state rank 229(Orissa)Now I am gain in doubt abt where to take admission .my bitsat score is 272
    My options(best possible) are
    1.Civil engg at NITW,NITK,NITTrichy
    2.chem engg at NITK
    3.all branches(except ECE,Comp sc and Elec,) in NIT Rourkela
    4.Dual degree in BITS GOA(may get in BITS Pilani)

    Plz suggest something!!!!

  384. hello sir,i have got air 20k {up}.according to ccb’s last year cutoff iwould not get any nit,
    now plz suggest me what sshould i do now?

  385. @ pavan
    I would go for a good college as there is always scope for a branch change, if you are lucky and better placements..

  386. @ partha,
    civil at NITW is a good option since it is one of the best branches here.
    If you are getting circuit branches in NIT allahabad, that would be a good option.

    BITS : no idea..
    used to be good in the past, currently all the surveys show it in poor light.
    You may want to refer this for the rankings of various institutes

  387. hi iam nitish again ………i have seen it…… i just wanted to verify whether there is any b architecture seats in nit warangal as it is not mentioned there?

  388. @ samay,
    did u give the architecture exam?..
    If yes probably u might get somewhere.
    Don’t loose heart..
    Its not like if you don’t get into iits or nits its the end of the story.
    Even if you join a local college and excel there, you can get a very good job.
    Try seeking admission in one of the good local colleges and remember study hard.

  389. @ ALL
    Will be out of town for a week.
    Can’t help it..
    You can post your queries..
    But its not guaranteed that you will be getting a reply..

  390. @ ALL
    Will be out of town for a week.
    Can’t help it..
    You can post your queries..
    But its not guaranteed that you will be getting a reply..
    Alternate Helpline :

  391. hi what should be my preference order of the seats and also colleges

    NIT aLLaHBAD Electronics

  392. Hi,AGP sir,
    I am rahul, could you plz tell :
    whether a student studying in NIT’s(1st year) can also prepare for IIT for a second chance, will this be comfortable, have there been any students in your knowledge who cleared IIT after preparing for it along with their study of 1’st year at NIT.

  393. hello,
    I would like to know that ;what is the most common mode of transport within the campus at NITW………..and is that mode of transport used by many students?

  394. hi sir,

    I got 3012 rank all india…CSE (no reser) .
    i have applied for i have a minimum chance of getting a seat..
    or any NRI seats existing or if there can i apply now…??

  395. Hello sir,

    as per my ranking’s (AIR-4308/ST-RANK – 481(u.P).I would have all these option before me (as per 2007 ranking’s).
    NIT Calicut…. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    NIT Allahabad ….IT
    IIIT Allahabad….IT
    NIT Warangal……chemical
    NIT Tiruchirappalli ……chemical
    NITK Surathkal…….. Mechanical Engineering

    So what would you suggest for only consideration is job offers and placement.

  396. @karan
    This could be an option

  397. @ rahul,
    That can be done..
    Unless you are really serious about IIT this is not an option to be considered.Its a bit difficult to juggle both, but if you get a good branch I would advise rather not..
    In my first year, many students did give the exam, but only 1 got through.

  398. @ Nitin
    The most popular mode of transport is the cycle and many students use it.

  399. @ Naveen
    That is a very good rank and I guess you can get a seat in CSE.DASA/NRI Admissions are closed by now I guess.

  400. Hi, counselling for PG students will have test or interview. Can u post reply to mail.

  401. @ aki
    NITK Surathkal…….. Mechanical Engineering>NIT Calicut…. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    rest will be dependent on whether you are interested in software or core jobs..

  402. @ ALL
    Will be out of town for a week.
    Can’t help it..
    You can post your queries..
    But its not guaranteed that you will be getting a reply..
    Alternate Helpline :
    NITW Aspirants community on orkut

  403. I am interested in CSE,ECE and Mechanical in NITW. But i have heard that the ECE of NITW is not so good in comparison of NITK and NITC.
    Is it so,,If yes than Please provide me the order of these stream in NITs.

  404. thanx AGP Sir, I would be really thankful if you could give me some tips for this(for eg. which branch to be taken to lessen the burden)

  405. karthika said:

    Hi Ajay,

    I am sorry to have wasted your time….I didn’t read the comment 226…Anyhow thanks..

  406. Shyam narayan said:

    Dear Ajay George,
    My AIEEE 2008 rank is 22k and state rank kerala rank is 800
    wat are my chances to get through nit calicut, warangal,trichy and suratkal?
    is there any difference between southern and northern nits??
    Plz help me…
    thank u…

  407. Thanx AGP for comment 305,I feel I must really look towards getting into a good NIT rather: could you plz guide me as to which of the following course would be best to join (taking into account better job recruitment and salary conditions)


  408. arun vijayan said:

    Can you pleade rank these institutions NIT W,NIT T,NIT Suratkal,NIT ALLAB., and BITS Goa Campus…on the basis of nifrastructure and placement

    ..BITS is said to have a very modern Campus and have a system called Practice schools thriugh which most students have an option of getting placed quite easily…please comment

  409. my aieee rank is 8001.
    my state rank from sikkim is 2nd.
    what shiuld b my preference

  410. hi

    my AIR-3687 state-407 up i think ill get MECHANICAL IN warangal is it a good branch n good packages or should I opt 4 EEE in MNNIT

  411. hi

    my AIR-3687 state-407 up i think ill get MECHANICAL IN warangal is it a good branch n good packages or should I opt EEEin surathkal or ECE in MNNIT plzz rank these

    or should i go a dual degree in BITS PILANI…….

    plzzzzzzzz helppppp

  412. Hey,should I opt for Mech in NIT Trichi or any other course in NIT Warangal

    I checked the last year’s list
    and it implied I could anythin I wanted

    AIR 7096

  413. Hey dude,how abt ragging and lan?

  414. Hi Ajay,

    I have got 22000 AIR and Delhi Rank 2200, can u please tell me the chances of getting BioTech in NITW?

  415. hello sir…i am in a great dillemma ……i hv got an iit jee air 5900…iam getting iitr and iit kgp architecture..also iam getting ism dhanbad….my aieee rank is 10000 with state rank in chattiasgarh 90……i may get surathkal civil…..or eee at bhopal…..eee and at jaipur…..vnit nagpur…mnit allahabad mechanical…..and bits mesra mechanical.plz help me out…shud i go to iit architecture..jus fr iit tag….or shud i go to ism dhanbad…or shud i go to nits i mentioned above.also comment on bits mesra.please compare between ism dhanbad and nits..

  416. shyam narayan said:

    Dear Ajay George,
    My AIEEE 2008 rank is 22k and state rank kerala rank is 800
    wat are my chances to get through nit calicut, warangal,trichy and suratkal?
    is there any difference between southern and northern nits??
    Plz help me…
    thank u…

  417. Dear Ajay George,
    AIEEE counseling procedure is little bit confusing – could you please clarify:
    1. I understand the phase 1 part.
    2. But in Phase 2, what happens to the students who got seat allocation. Do they have to pay additional fee and confirm the seats? (In addition to that initial 15,000). Do they need to do it immediately?
    3. They say, if there are dropout seats, they will be allocated using form 2. Is this dropout after physical reporting is it?
    4. In form2, how may institutes do we get allocated. Is it just 1 or more? Counseling brochure on net says ‘institutes’, that is confusing.
    5. Physical reporting for form2 processing is 17-23, I do not know why they gave 5 days. But that os ok.
    6. And they say, branch allotment at PIs using ran based sliding. So first they slide the guys with in the PI and only then they allocate the seats to form2 guys? Then what is the point of publishing the dropout seats. They should have done this sliding first to give better picture to form2 guys.
    7. If I do not take any thing in form2, then will I be considered for 2nf counseling?
    8. I do not understand the purpose of form2, if they have second counseling.

    Any help in clarifying these or general information on counseling will be helpful.

    Thank you.

  418. abhishek chauhan said:

    want to know upto what state rank they call for counselling
    is my state rank of 457 good or not.
    i am from gujarat.

  419. Hi,

    I have a TamilNadu state rank of 718 and AIR of 30447 in the AIEEE exam. Is there a chance of getting Metallurgy or civil in Southern NIT’s.
    I chkd in the last year cut-off which said, my rank is not eligible. Could you guide me?

    Thank u

  420. hello sir
    are the opening and closing ranks for AIEEE 2007 available on those of the first round or the third round of counselling?

  421. SANDEEP GUPTA said:

    My AIR is 816 and state rank is 52 .I am bit confused whether to go for IIIT-H or NIT-W ,please solve my query.

  422. ANANDAN said:

    air 18,255
    state rank 454 (tamil nadu, chennai)
    interested in chemical


  423. ashwini tiwari said:

    hello sir,my aieee rank is 15895.state rank is 2150(UP).can i get a good branch in nitw.what about state quota?plse tell about form 2 of counselling.will i’ve to fill form 2 also alongwith 1 to get into nitw?

  424. i want to know about placement of nit trichy of this yrear 2008 .how much higest ,average salary offer to a b-tech student at nit trichy 2008

  425. g sudeep said:

    is civil engineering good for placements in nit warangal is civil in nit w better than iits can we appear for iit jee 2nd time after joining nit do we get time pls answer soon THANK YOU

  426. gurpreet singh said:

    i ve got aieee AIR-2694 nd chsandigarh state rank 71.
    can i make it nit- w,t or s.
    nd wht about dce?

    also tell me whch is d best iiit-HYD,nit_t,Nit-w or dce

  427. sorry guys,
    I can’t reach out to your queries.. (probably for a long time now).
    I suggest you visit
    and post your queries..

    I won’t be available for a long time.


  429. Anshul chauhan said:

    I have got AIR 1647.state rank 7(uttaranchal).Should i go for IIIT HYDERABAD C.S. or NIT TRICHY C.S. or DCE with any good branch?

  430. R.sunilkumar said:

    what is the range of ranks to get cse branch in NIT warangal

  431. R.sunilkumar said:

    also tell me which is d best iiit-HYD,nit_t,Nit-w or dce

  432. i have got air9651 in aieee ,state rank of 1360(rajasthan),bitsat score 235 ,selected in iit extended merit list which allows me to get into into iist,iiser,…………. ,i have got air1752 in west bengal jee thru which i can sneak in jadavpur
    what should i do? should i repeat i more year to qualify in iitjee? which is the best option

  433. sir, i am from mp. i got air 22737 and state rank 1221 in aieee 2008. is there any chance of getting in nit’s.if yes, which branches i can get in top nit’s especially in nit -surathkal,bhopal,nagpur.i need mechanical or civil ,in which nit’s i can get these branhes at this rank. please reply me soon.

  434. hi my air is 22477 and state(karnataka) rank is 529.can i get mech. in nit-w,k,t?? if so what should be the order of preference??

    what are my chances if i apply thru obc quota??

  435. Varghese said:

    Dear Ajay,
    My son has 78% in cbse 12 and 74% PCM. We have possibility of getting EEE in MA college Kothamangalam. Would u advice us to go for this rather than EEE in NITW under DASA.We are NRIs from Kerala.

  436. my rank in aieee is 6887. what possible branch can i get in nit allahabad.

  437. Hi,
    My friend is standing a good chance for an architecture seat(not in NIT Calicut).she & her family r confused for having to choose b/w a private eng seat in tvm or an arch seat outside Kerala.which do u prefer. They wanted an NIT student’s opinion.Is arch a good course in the present scenario?

  438. ashwini tiwari said:

    hello sir,my aieee air is 15895.state rank 2150(UP).can i get a good branch in any nit?if yes then in which.which private colleges should i go for (through aieee counselling).

  439. hi ajay.
    my aieee 2008 all india rank is 5950 and state rank is 180 in tamil nadu. do i stand a chance to get ece in nit warangal , trichy, suratkal even after the new amendment made in aieee counselling?

  440. hi ajay i got 16248 AIR and 2912 state rank(02 code) i belong to obc category can get nitw ,nittrichy,nit surathkal if yes then which groups will i get

  441. Lakshmi said:

    Hello Sir,

    My brother got air rank 1,70,000 and the state rank 252. I would like to know whether is there any chance to get into NITW in a state quota in CS,IT EEE,or EC .
    Kindly tell us the possibility in getting into NITW.


  442. hi ,
    with 10045 air in aieee , state rank 1071 ,delhi , can i get computers in any nit , couldn’t make out from previous years seat allotements


  443. neeraj karnani said:

    my state rank is 94 (gujarat) and my all india rank is 5869 so i want to know in which of the nits can i get admission in these two branches 1) electronics and communication 2) Compute r Science and engineering and which of them u think is better will u plz help me out.
    Thanx bbye

  444. hi AGP.
    My AIR rank is 20592, nd state rank(delhi) is 2156

    do i have chances of getting into any nit? if yes, what are the branches iam likely to get? plz help me with the order in which i must submit my options during counselling? IF not NIT, what other colleges through aieee can i get that are good??alternatively i have an option of getting agood branch (it most probably) in JSS noida which is amongst the top in UP.
    i belong to an open category……personally i am keen to pursue biotech engineering and/or CSE/IT engineerin
    thanks a lot

  445. hello,
    can i get a rough idea of ranking of nits very soon……………

  446. hi agp,
    my rank is 6614 in AIEEE
    how is NSIT’s (instrumentation & control)
    what’s its future prospective can i get good placement from this branch?

    please tell me the closing rank of NSIT

  447. hi bro !!
    AIR 52112
    which nit n wat branch can i expect????….need ur hlp!

  448. how’s this AIEEE 2nd round counselling done?.Those who are not eligible for can attend the counselling?,Or will call they call not eligible students for this counselling?

  449. hi
    i got 170000 in aieee (air)
    state rank-2025(chandigarh)
    will i get nit with good branch

  450. Hi,
    I selected some colleges for the off campus counselling and submitted my choices. I got a response of non-availability in all the colleges i submitted. I am worried now..My Air is 30440 and my Staterank is 718(TN)
    also, what is the funda behind this time AIEEE seats…
    they said ppl are counted only on their AIR and not in SR.. any idea on that.
    Thank u.

  451. Nagarjuna said:

    I got 1575(AIR) and state rank 339(AP). can i get ECE in NIT warangal in first counselling itself. please give response to this . Eagerly waiting. CCB’s OP and CL ranks are of 3rd counsellings

  452. Hi,
    first of all my best regards to AGP for running this
    blog.I came to know this blog thru one of my frnd today.

    In off campus counselling, I put forth my first preference
    as NIT Trichy-ECE and 2nd preference as NIT Trichy-EEE
    and then interchanged my preferences and the result in
    both cases were successful for my 1st preference.
    I am totally confused.No one gave me satisfying answers.

    Which you advise me will be better?
    Can you give me any information regarding the difference
    between the courses in general.

    8TH JULY.

    Also I saw at NITT website about the syllabus in both courses.There was no information about semester 1 and 2
    in both courses.Can you provide me some information
    about them so that I too can understand a little bit
    about the courses.


  453. What is the best course in NITT and NITS? You know, like civil is said to be the best in NITW.

  454. sorry guys,
    I can’t reach out to your queries.. (probably for a long time now).
    I suggest you visit
    and post your queries..

    I won’t be available for a long time.

  455. abhijit said:

    nice help from you

  456. chandan said:

    sir, can u plz tell me what’s the average placement(in terms of money)in nit warrangal
    i hv often heard my friendz saying that nit trichy is better than nit warrangal. is it true?

  457. hi agp,this is ruthvik i h’v got into nit warangal bio-tech but my relatives,neighbours saying that bio-tech has nothing to do,i just want you to me tell watz the future of bio-tech and also abt nit warngal bio-tech plzz help me

  458. helloo..sir

    i m student of msc ele. n after that i want to do mtech in vlsi plzz tell me wht is the requird percentile in gate for taking admisstion in best nit.

  459. M S SASTRY said:

    Dear Ajay, While looking into the websites anent my grand son’s admission into NIT Warangal I have come acros ur site. U have done wonderful help to the aspirants and I thank u for it. I wish u all the success in ur life. I would like to know more about u personally. Pl send detailed e-mail to my ID. My first 2 sons are Ph.ds in engg–((1)Direct Ph.d in Transpoirtation fr IIT,Kanpur & (2)B.Tech,CIVIL(JNTU,Kakinada),M.S.(Str.Engg & Industrial Engg) fr WINDSOR,Canada & Ph.d (Ind Eng) from PITTSBURG) residing in IL & IN resply……SASTRY

  460. nice to hear from you sir,
    but currently I am on training.
    So if there is anything specific you would like to know,
    I would be glad to reply..

  461. what r my chances in sliding i was alloted metalrgy at MANIT 106 students were alloted MANIT through drop out seats also i was the first one to be alloted this branch can iget some decent branch n also what is the scope in metlgy plzzzzzzzz reply soon!!!!


    Admin Edit : Do not mail ids here and be victims of possible spamming from 3rd party websites..
    Regarding your query I am an alumni and don’t have much idea what is this year’s package..

  463. 93.4 percentile in gate there any chance of gettin admission in mtech biotech in nit warrangal..plz if possible then do reply by mail..

  464. mritunjaya said:

    Dear Ajay,

    My son studied in ICSE ( top 20 schools in India) in Hyderabad with a score of 87%. Now in inter Ist year. and scoring within 20 ranks( among in IPE or AIEEE exams conducted by the college as routine. He is always above 92% on an average in MPC subjects.
    This year the 50% quota to locals in NITs is removed and all seats are open. Under circumstances what do you think should be his rank (Gen.category)in AIEEE to get into NITW. Which are the other top institutes in order of preferences.

    Thanks in advance for your info.

  465. Arjun prasad said:

    Hi Mr.mritunjaya ,
    may be i can give you some better opinion for your question as i’ve done my schooling , and all coachings from Andhra.
    Good that your son is scoring well in college exams.

    As you said ( This year the 50% quota to locals in NITs is removed and all seats are open ) there will tough competetion ahead from coming year comparing to previous years.

    Coming to Rank expectaions , one should get below 3000 to make sure to enter into TOP NITS(NITW,NITK,NIT TRICY,NIT calicut)..But scoring below 1000 rank always promise you seat in ECE or CSE or EEE.

    PS: nice job ajay…

  466. Pratik Kumar Sarangi said:

    Sir,I am a student from ITER,SOA University,Bhubaneswar in Electronics & Telecomm. Engg.
    I,along with my friends,want to join a short term course in VLSI this summer at NIT,Warangal.
    Would you please tell whether the NIT offers such course or not and the conditions associated with it?
    Plz reply soon.

  467. Dear Ajay,
    u r doing a wonderful job.I would like to know the PCM mark percentage for DASA admission in NITW, NITT,NITK and NITC. Also the branch wise .

  468. It seems to be good information about the exams.

  469. hi sir
    im a 1 year dropper and currently doing btech from miet meerut
    but not totally satisfied and i want to go either of nits or dce so i have filled the form of eee again iwant to know till what rank i can get admission in dce and does it create much problem during placement having a 2 year gap
    pls suggest some views

  470. i hav got 41 percentile in sc category, cs branch in year 2008 qualified. and my rank is around 10000 in general category.
    is it possible to get admission in nit’s? plse suggest me.

  471. Hi i got 94 percentile(OC) in GATE(CS,IT) 2009 in so,please kindly suggest what are the colleges can i get into..?

  472. Hari krishna said:

    Hi,This is hari.I got a rank in gate-2009.the rank is 4308(AIR).what are the colleges required in ap.i am eligible to this rank for NIT’s and REC’s.Please give me the suggestion.I am waiting for your reply.please mail me

  473. i got gate09 4169 rank from ece will i get admission in nits or help me

  474. Sorry guys who want GATE specific information, because I don’t have any..This blog restricts itself to the AIEEE or in more specific Under Graduate Course : B.Tech
    Hope that made a lot of sense.
    Have a nice day..

  475. Hi i got 87 percentile(sc) in GATE(ece) 2009 in so,please kindly suggest what are the colleges can i get into..?

  476. I have 88.13//AIR 3308 percentail last year.Can you suggest
    me in which college i get admission.Please reply on mail

  477. Dear Sir,

    i got 89.78%, 381 score & 786 all India rank in GATE-2009 (CIVIL ENGINEERING). Can i get a seat in STRUCTURES AT NIT, WARANGAL. What is the minimum percentile at other NITs?

    kindly inform me…


  478. hi,i want to know GATE cut off(GATE score and AIR) for EC for MTech application in NIT warangal.

  479. abhishek said:

    hello sir, i’m xpectin’ an AIR-20,000 (150/315).Can i get CSE,or ECE, in a decent NIT.

  480. my expecting score is 150 in aieee 2009. I am from orissa state. Can I applicable for any good branch in NIt RKL. Pl. suggest me

  481. My expecting score is 150 in AIEEE 2009. I am from Orissa state. Can I get a good branch in NIT RKL

    pl. Suggeste me

    • Hi Smruthi,
      As I have mentioned at the very end of the main article, support for this thread is being discontinued. I would have loved to help you, but the AIEEE examination itself has changed beyond the scope of my knowledge, which hinders me from providing any valuable advice.
      As a solution I would recommend, asking your seniors and of course making use of social media sites like orkut and facebook to find, like minded aspirants or immediate seniors in the various prestigious colleges, who would definitely provide some good guidance.
      Have a nice day!.

  482. Hi sir,

    I got 89.18 %le and score 372 in gate’09(EC).My AIR was 4591.Shall i expect admission in NITW?

  483. SHERRY GARG said:

    hi sir
    my gate score is 418. is there any chance of getting admission in NIT -W this year(2009). please reply

  484. hi ajay sir,
    i got a gate-2009 rank is percentaile is score is 335.shall i expect admission in NITW.please reply to me sir.
    Thank you.

  485. Trivikram said:

    Hi sir,
    I got 3527 rank in ec gate 2009 with a scor of 404 and 91.67 percentile.Is there any chance to get into Nit-W.Or can u tell me that can i get into any NIT?Plzzz

  486. sir, dce(delhi college of engineering) is taking 15% through aieee 2009.
    we would be able to fill dce as an option in the ccb counseling or it would have its own?
    what should be the cutoff?
    should prefer nit warangal or delhi college of engineering?

  487. NAGENDRA PRASAD said:

    igot the gate score 324 so i exepect the sseat in nit warangal in industrial engineering??

  488. NAGENDRA PRASAD said:

    hi ,
    igot gate(mech) rank 3547 percentail is 84.49 so i can exepect the seat in industrail engineering

  489. Hi,

    What is the rank required in NIMCET to get to NIT Waragal for MCA.

  490. muzammil said:

    my gate score is 435 & my percentile is 93.32 in mechanical stream can i get a seat in coputer integrated manufacturing in nitw plzzzzzz…reply

  491. Lakshya said:

    I secured 6,000 rank in JEE. Should I opt for NIT warangal or IIT (with any branch)…Do people with good JEE rank like 4000s come to NIT warangal???

  492. yasaswini said:

    hi this is yashu i got a rank of 7042 in aieee is there a possibility of getting into nit or ihave got under extended merit list in jee shall i go by those colleges under that

  493. kirtichandra said:

    sir,my national rank is 10392.I hail from andhra pradesh and my state rank is 1834.
    will i get a seat in an NIT?
    if yes then in which one?
    can i get it in NIT warangal?

  494. Deepika said:

    Hi Ajay

    mi bro got AIR 14446 & State (Punjab) rank of 460. Can v hope 2 get a mechanical/chemical/civil seat in NIT W,NIT K, MNIT A?? would appreciate ur early reply.

    • u culd try for a chemical or a civil set in nitw..i doubt that he’ll get mech…u can try nevertheless

  495. Deepika said:

    Pls note referring to above comment category is GEN.

  496. hi,
    i got AIR 19023 in AIEEE 2009.should i fill in form 2 during counciling or go in for form what order should i fill up the nit’s in form 2. plz mention all nit’s…..
    hoping for an early reply . bye

  497. hi
    i hav gt 2000 state rank(AP)..
    OBC AIR Rank is 2000
    OBC State rank is 500
    wil i get a seat in nit warangal??
    if so in wat all branches??
    thankz a lot

  498. Abhiram said:

    Dear Mr AGP,
    I got AIR 13264 and my state rank is 2256. I belong to Andhra Pradesh and OBC.As per ccb last ranks I can get civil at NITW. I am interested in COMP, ECE, EEE, IT. Shall i join NITW civil as it is the best branch at NITW. Could you suggest me other option I have for my rank. I am interested at corporate job with a fat salary.

  499. sir i have got aieee 2009 AIR 96113.i belong to sc from category rank is 3312…..can i get mnit allahabad civil engineering…..please mention colleges best in civil engg…

  500. henna

    all india rank

    state rank(chd.)

    which of the ranks would be considered-overall or category? where should i try?

  501. sir,igot air 17700,state(ap)2900,OBC category 3000, can i get inyo NITW,NITT,NITK,NITC.IF YES in which branch(EEE,ECE,MECH.etc)please reply soont to my mail.

  502. ayan mitra said:

    i am getting 5875 AI and 147 state rank in wb. i am interested biotechnology. will it be a better option for me

  503. Abhiram said:

    Dear Mr AGP,
    I got AIR 13264 and my state rank is 2256. I belong to Andhra Pradesh and OBC.As per ccb last ranks I can get civil at NITW. I am interested in COMP, ECE, EEE, IT. Shall i join NITW civil as it is the best branch at NITW. Could you suggest me other option I have for my rank. I am interested at corporate job with a fat salary. I got bitsat 280 marks i may get bits HYD. Kindly suggest me to take NITW or BITS HYD

    Thank you

  504. Is biotechnology in nit warnagal par wit other good colleges in india???
    plz…waitin fr ur reply

  505. Dawa Dolma said:

    I am from a very remote place ladakh, J&K.With great difficulty i could give the aieee. I got AIR 109089
    AND STATE RANK overall 494 and category 8.
    I am interested in NITS and I Want to go for Electronics or Comp. Sci.Plz reply since there is no other guide for me. Pleeeeeeeez, Sir

  506. Hi Ajay..

    I have got a AIR 33672 and my state rank is 4374..i am from GEN category…on his can i expect some good institute? Please suggest me..what shud be my order of choices

  507. hi.. my cousins air is 54000… he wants some grp in any of nits at warangal.. tirichy.. nagpur… can he get any of dese

  508. abhinav said:

    my air is 114510 , in Category 27246 ,state rank is 15125,and category is 4191.i am obc do i have any chance of getting into any aieee collage

  509. Hi everyone

    I have got 1809 rank in NIMCET2009.
    Can i get a seat in any NIT.

  510. saubhagya singh rathore said:

    hi my aieee rank is 16738 in gen cat.i am interested in mechanical. which are best colleges an how i should fill choices.

  511. hi sir,
    got AIR- 5098 (obc-784).(state-rajashtan)
    should i prefer EEE from NITW or IT from IIIT ALLAHABAD(due to its research)
    and whats the avg package of EEE there..
    how NITT stands against NITW???……….

  512. manikanta said:

    i got 3050air rank & 593 state[ap]
    rank can i get nitwarangal

  513. hello sir……’m from kerala and i got an air of 31k and state rank of 988…..well ‘m interestd in going for civil and please tell me my prospects of getting a civil seat in any of the nits from south…..’m just so very confused as how to make a start in the counselling options and please do help me sort out things…if not in any nits tell where else is my best bet…????

  514. I hv got AIR 14423 and state rank in aieee 1730(U.p.)

    can i get gud nits ……..and wat branch????????

    plz advise me

  515. I hv got a AI rank of 78847 and state rank of 10937, My gen category rank (AI) is 57936. Can i get NIT?Suggest me something.shall be glad to you

  516. Is biotechnology in nit warnagal par wit other good colleges in india???
    plz…waitin fr ur reply

  517. hi, this is dileep
    I got 95 percentile with AIR of 2099 and GATE score of 469 in GATE 2009
    Can i get a seat in the common counselling for NIT trichy, warangal & Calicut in CSE department?
    Plz reply soon

  518. RAHUL SINGH said:


  519. Hi ajay,
    My name is hari, I have completed MCA, and my gate score is 431 and Percentile is 93.18 in CS, I want to know that am I eligible for Computer Science and Engineering in in NIT Warangal or not? why I an asking is Because I have completed MCA not BE or, Please reply me.
    Thank you.

  520. princess pamnani said:

    my aieee air is 9151 and sr is 599(mp).i am a gen candidate. what branches can i expect in nit warangal,trichy and suratkal?what should be my preference order?pls rply soon.

  521. I have got state rank Between 300-350 in karnataka. I am sure of getting a seat in NITK.Please tell me what are the scope for Metallurgy.Will I GET a proper jobWhat may be the salary for that field.Please provide me information about it

  522. Is biotechnology in nit warnagal par wit other good colleges in india???
    plz…waitin fr ur reply…..tis is the 4th tym i’m leavin an comment

    • biotech is a fairly decent branch in wgl and holds up high standards. the branch is less difficult as compared to the others…

  523. my AIR is 3771 in aieee, should i go for mechanical eng. in trichy,warangal,since my state rank is 266(mp),or electronics and communication in manit bhopal

  524. hi…my air is 25,368 and my kerala state rank is 676. Any chance of civil in nitc ?

  525. sir,my aieee 2009 rank is 6729, category- general, state- jharkhand.Can I hope to get mechanical engg in NITT,NITW,NITK?

  526. hello mr.agp and everybody out there.Sir i have got air-2317and have been alotted electrical and electronic eng.I woud like to know about the branch . Is it similar to electrical engineering? Can u plz tell me from where i can download its syllabus? Sir, i am also axious to know about any prevalance of ragging in the campus and hostels. Thank you.

  527. In 2 round i got NITW Metalurgy, My rank is 9970 AIR from AP in OC category. I also got Bits Pilani Civil. Considering the last year NITW closing ranks it seems i may get chemical or civil in NITW. Which one I should prefer? I have to take decision soon, Please help me’ – Thanks

  528. manikanta said:

    sir it bhu mettallurgy or nitw ece

  529. manikanta said:

    sir it bhu mettallurgy or nitw ece which is better

  530. can any one help me what all text books are required in NIT first year chemical engineering,i got seat in warangal chem .

  531. snehil srivastava said:

    hi sir. my aieee air is 10710. i have got iiitdm kanchipuram electronics-design & manufacturing. i have also got mech at goa campus of bits pilani. i may get ee at hyd campus in 3rd counselling. in aieee i have only filled nits trichy, warangal, surathkal, allahabad and calicut (branches- cs, ee, ec, mech) and iiit hyd & allahabad above iiitdm kanchi. do i have any chance of getting my higher choice in the 5th counselling. if so what should i join. bits or that.

  532. i got bio technology in nit warangal my air is 8842 n my ap state rank is 1500 is there any chance for me to get any other better branch because iam not interested in biology n chemistry subjects pls reply me soon i have tommorow only
    in my choice filling civil ,mechanical,ac,eee,are better options other than these i dont have any other options

  533. i got bio technology in nit warangal my air is 8842 n my ap state rank is 1500 is there any chance for me to get any other better branch because iam not interested in biology n chemistry subjects pls reply me soon i have tommorow only
    in my choice filling civil ,mechanical,ac,eee,are better options other than these i dont have any other options

  534. Hi
    my gate percentile is 95.58. all india rank is 4608. gate score:485. gen category. ece stream . is there possibility for me to get nit warangal or southern nit. reply as soon as possible

    • Well, you have a pretty good score there. But then again, ECE might be little bit of trouble to get. Then again, You should try nevertheless.

  535. ashwini said:

    hi my gate score is 454 and AIR is 5695 and general(OC) category and cs branch. is there any possibility for me to get NIT warangal or NIT Nagpur.plz reply to my mail id as soon as possible

    • You should realize that CS is one of the most sought branches in the NITs, thought you have a pretty decent rank, the competition might be a bit of a problem. You should try nevertheless, or maybe with some other branch, you might just have a chance !

  536. brother will i get into nit warangal i am from ap , score d180 odd under bc category please help me out

  537. […] student from ITER,SOA University ,Bhubaneswar in Electronics & Telecomm. Engg Original post: NIT Warangal for the Aspirant « Ajay George blog Paste your code here! Share and […]

  538. what is the minimum cgpa required to slide to ece this year

  539. i got air17,000 and state rank[3800] can iget in nit warangal?

  540. Trinisha Thomas said:

    hi ajay……..

    i am from ekm(kerala)…my aieee rank for 2010 is 35386.
    and state rank…1057…..and category(open)..650…………

    do i have any chance of getting into either of the nit;s………hoping for an early reply,,,

  541. i need a small information raguarding this . i am eligible for councling . to attend for councling in nit wrangal we have to submit state or all india rank . i belong to obc . what is the use of state rank . pelase give me correct informatoin raguarding this

  542. ranga vankineni said:

    I got 8468 in national level and i belong to open category and my category rank is 7103 can i get seat in warangal in branches like ece cse mechanical i belong to andhrapradesh my state rank is 1528 and category rank is 1178 and also send nit colleges in order according to their good standards

  543. MRADUL YADAV said:

    Hello brother….
    thanxx 4 ur blog…
    i want 2 ask that..
    my interest is in CS,IT or Chemical…
    as according 2 my rank i got CHEMICAL in all top three NIT warangal,trichy,Surathkal…
    But I also got IT in NIT Surathkal,CS & IT in MNIT Allahabad ,ECE & IT in IIIT Allahabad…
    can u plzzz guide me that which option should i opt????
    as i’m 2 much confused…
    some people says that Chemical has nvr job problem & IT may hv…
    also sum says that IT is gud than Chemical…
    so, u plzz help me by guide me????
    i’m vry thankful 2 u brother…..

  544. dheeraj said:

    hi AgP… myself got a rank of 592 in in Instrumentation paper, do u see any chances of me getting the seat in this prestigious college? I always liked NIT Warangal not only because of the infrastructure it provides but the way it has topped among the best even with naxal problems in those days…. Also, can tell about the placement records for guys in E&I banch…
    I will be awaiting for your earliest reply…

  545. i have got 1200 rank in GATE 2010 n 444 score.i’m interested in structural engg(civil).bt i may get geotechnology in NIT.after completg 1st mtech in NIT can i shift to an IIT if i get appropriate rank.if so wats the procedure after.

  546. i have got 1200 rank in GATE 2010 n 444 score.i’m interested in structural engg(civil).hw should i fill my order prefernces.should i fill the interested specialisation in all the NITs first or should i fill the courses in one college first then go to next NIT.

  547. vijayalakshmi said:

    My daughter is studying in Dubai. Does she come only under NRI quoto or can she try under AIEEE for NIT trichy.

  548. vijayalakshmi said:

    My daughter is studying in Dubai. Does she comes only under NRI quota or can she try AIEEE for NIT Trichy.

  549. My air rank is 22000AP . state rank is 3500 can i get seat in nitw which branch Pl help

  550. My air rank in aieee is 22000 Andhra pradesh staterank is 3390 can i get seat in NITW

  551. hi ajay i got 4000 rank in A.P will i get seat in nit warangal

    plz send me the reply

  552. salima hirani said:

    my al india rank of aieee b arc is 25900..m open cat..plz tel me wat r my likly clgs to get..can i xpect in nit..plz reply asap..

  553. AIR 31689, can get any NIT

  554. AIR 31689, can get any NIT?

  555. vasudev said:

    my aieee air is 98571….and my home state rank is 13880….im a general category student and my category state rank is 9299… there any scope for me to get into nit warangal???
    please do reply…..thanxx in advance…….

  556. Anirban said:

    Sir, my AIR is 3875 and my state rank is 7(Assam).Will I get Mech.Engg. in NITW?????

  557. i want to pursue metallurgical engineering.i m getting both nit trichy and warangal according to last year closing rank.wat r the scopes in this field and which would b better ,trichy or warangal

  558. Harshita said:

    I got Biotech in NITW. Is it a good field in terms of placement?

  559. hello….this is really urgent….i want to get into nit warangal through nri quota….can u tell me the last date and admission method?….would be helpful if u could tell me the fees structure!!!also mention the requirements for the nri quota!!!thanks a billion!!!

  560. sushant srivastava said:

    i expect my rank in aieee 2011 to near about 1500-3500. which trade i deserve in NIT ALLAHABAD .

  561. Nagababu said:

    Respected sir,

    i am Nagababu(bc-d), i’ve completed diploma in metallurgical
    engg.(2007 – 2011) with aggregate of 63.53% in govt.polytechnic,
    vijayawada and i’m going to appear only eamcet-2011, i want to do metallurgy in your(rec,w) college.

    Is there any seats in metallurgy for eamcet-2011 in ur college?

    If the seats are available, which rank i should get in eamcet?

    What are the fees details?

    Plzzzzz. . . . . .answer me.

  562. can we change a branch in nit warangal after completion of first year in biotechnology?

  563. krishna said:

    hello sir,
    I just got 228 OBC rank and GENERAL rank is 1134 in NIMCET 2011 . so can you suggest me in which NIT i hav chance to get admission on the basis of my rank….pls reply me…Thanks a lot…. Bye!

  564. Can i get any nit with a rank of 1652 in NIMCET 2011?

  565. sir,
    i got 109/360 marks in AIEEE – 2011,
    is there a chance of getting a seat in NIT WGL.
    i am from AP.
    my expected rank is between 38000-45000.
    plz help me.
    with regards,
    Adithya 369

  566. surbhi rai said:


    all india rank

    state rank- 36828

    Can i get any nit ? where should i try?

  567. my air is 3894 and obc rank is 600.can i get nitw cse ?

  568. sai divya said:

    i am divya . i got civil in nit warangal and eee injntu kakinada.which is best choice?i dont have time please help me please.

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