The Cult AGP

Baba Kalyani

The story revolves around the conspiracy to conduct a massive terrorist attack in the sensitive areas of the country and as the officer of the Anti Terrorist Squad code named ‘ M 3 ‘ (no, SN Swamy was not inspired by Bond ! πŸ™‚ ), Baba Kalyani IPS (Mohan Lal) is in command of the situation and hunts down the terrorists.

Expecting another invincible police officer fighting terrorists and lots of high adrenaline pumping action.?…you are mistaken.The thrill ends with the story line, the actual implentation on the screen is a dragging movie, interspersed with a budding romance, shades of vendetta and lots of mafia (director’s fav).

SN Swamy seems to be loosing his midas touch.The downfall started with CBI 4 and continued with Balram and reached a culmination in Baba Kalyani.The story is easily predictable and lacks that tautness one usually feels in a Shaji Kailas movie.

Mohanlal has given his best and has lived upto the character given by his dir and script writer.The dialogues were blunt and lacked vigour.The movie seemed to get diverted in between and to kill time, Kailas brings up a romance and motherly love theme.Mamta,Murali,Innocent,Maniyanpilla Raju,Bindu Panicker,Vineeth all wasted in the movie.Jagathy with his unparalleled humour entertains the audience in the first half.The second half is more serious and deals with busting the terrorists.Indrajith and Saikumar came up with a note-worthy perfomance.

Rating : 5/10

Verdict : Go for the movie if you are a die hard Lalettan fan, otherwise there are better things to do.

Comments on: "Baba Kalyani : Review (First on Net)" (5)

  1. gud review…

  2. anonymous posting will not be allowed..
    nxt time mr anonymous post with ur real info ok…

  3. ther wer some stupid comments lyin around stating that review was fake and cooked up.
    I went into the theatre with a lot of expectations..
    Lalettan is great and will remain great…
    But Baba Kalyani cannot be compared to yesteryear classics, Lal created with Shaji Kailas such as Aaram Thampuran and Narasimham..
    Only problem was the weak script…rest all rocked…

  4. Dr Shyam Kumar said:

    An apt review. SN Swamy’s storyline is too amateurish. Lalettan can act superbly as a cop(watch Company)but here it wont match up. ive never seen Kerala cops moving around like the FBI with jutting earphones. Shaji Kailas’ direction too predictable (focusing on the hands and feet too much) and noisy fight scenes. 10 points to Jagathy. I left the hall at break time as I knew what to expect further.

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