The Cult AGP


Hailed as the biggest hit in the Malayalam Film Industry and nearing its 100th day, the movie created a sort of revolution bringing the idiot box watching, ‘pirated’ (read thirrutu VCD watching !) malayalee to the box and saving the industry from a major crisis.
Let me share some thoughts that whizzed through me while watching the movie.The movie is set in the 1990-1991 period and Lal Jose has done justice to the film by placing the right ‘ time ‘ elements.Mobile phones were absent and most of the students wore mundu add to the authenticity of the movie.
But the director and the script writer did forget some very basic elements.The strangulation marks on the Prithvi’s neck should suggest a murder rather than a suicide.It was not hanging by the ceiling in which the person who commits suicide has no control after the process starts.Whereas in this case the person is alive after the so called suicide attempt which should definitely suggest a murder.Another point is the absence of the mention of choloroform in the post mortem report of Naren.The most interesting fact which left me laughing was the point when Prithvi confesses to attempting suicide to the police officer.The officer is happy over the fact that it was asuicide attempt and chides Balachandra Menon for his mentioning of possibility of a murder earlier in the film.

Definitely the citizen has the freedom to commit suicide but the officer forgot the fact that a suicide attempt is a punishable offence!.
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