The Cult AGP

Technozion 07

Well the battle for glory has begun…

Technozion 07… check out the site guys…

meanwhile i dzined the skeleton of a core t-shirt…

chk it out

Img Link

the theme used was metal music and is inspired by Metallica

Comments on: "Technozion 07" (9)

  1. What’s this website for?
    related to TZ?

  2. kaun hai bhaiyya yeh nameless?..
    and I didn’t get ur qn…
    what is which website for?
    this is my blog and the technozion site link is also given…

    aur agli baar proxy se comment maarna.. teek hai..
    ” IITKGP ” bhaiyya… πŸ™‚

  3. THat website doesn’t exist …and it is supposed to b the website for a technical festival being organized by one of the premier institutes in India.

  4. server was heavily loaded,I guess…
    neways the site id is correct..
    google has crawled the site the website does exist…

  5. hey!! it says that site has been expired on jan 6!!! so how can i get through the details????

  6. A new page opens instead of technozion home page from 6th of this month…
    Whats wrong with the page?
    What to do now?
    How to send the papers?

  7. piyush jain said:

    hey i checked out the technozion ’07 website… they have got some amazing events and paper presentation oppurtunities..

  8. piyush jain said:

    and ya.. the website is working fine now…

  9. the site is workin fine guys…
    was a bit of server strain i guess…
    all da best for your technical paper submissions and other online events…

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